Granny Weatherwax has no time or interest in “newfangled things.” She tolerates Magrat’s various “notions” about “how witches are supposed to act” with skepticism and general disinterest. She prefers to do things the way she has always done them, and to handle them sensibly. She has built up a career of witchcraft, mostly based on common human decency and figuring out how to get things done, either through direct action or more subversive means (giving her patients a little “show” of magic, but really applying back-cracking techniques). She shows different ranges of Ne, but all within the boundaries of familiarity with how the world works. She figures out assassinations, and sees the broader implications of people and their relationships, but feels no need to wander, looks down on Nanny Ogg for her various behaviors in their youth, and resists changing just to please Magrat. She tries to teach Tiffany Aching the methods that work best, and warns her against her impulsive actions (like, you should never step into the Wintersmith’s dance). She frowns on other witches who attempt “borrowing” (an animal’s body) for too long, because she knows they can get stuck there and lose themselves in another creature’s mind. She can be blunt, authoritative, and factual. Granny points out the consequences of other people’s actions. She deals in facts, and finds very little purpose in accommodating others or pretending to be anything she is not. Granny typically is sensible and unemotional. On occasion, however, she is uncharacteristically emotional, when she feels she is not being respected. On one such occasion, much to Magrat and Nanny Ogg’s concern, she makes all four wheels drop off a cart at once for the driver almost running her over. She is typically out of touch with other people’s feelings; Magrat reflects on this, and tries to reframe it positively, by finding it “affirmation” from Granny that she can “look after herself.” In fact, it’s just self-preoccupation.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Granny is principled and opinionated. She takes a stern eye on misbehavior and does not approve of Nanny’s youthful indiscretions or the resulting impact they may have on Granny’s reputation (since Nanny wrote a dirty cookbook, without thinking that THE most recognizable witch in “them parts of the world” is Granny herself). She is hard-working and dutiful, and tries to teach Tiffany the same thing. Her anger does not often surface, but when it does, everyone knows to get out of her way, because she calmly, competently takes charge. Under intense situations, she disintegrates into 4ish temper tantrums and melodrama, taking personal insult at things and overreacting. Her 2 wing makes her eager to share her opinions and to “improve others.” She is helpful, considerate to her patients, and overall kinder than she would like other people to know. Her focus is on caring for others, and then herself. She doesn’t mind “going at it alone.”