Nanny Ogg believes in first-hand experience. Where other witches led quiet lives in the woods, she went out and experienced mind-blowing sex in the woods with… well, according to Granny Weatherwax, just about everyone. She has a brood of children. A passel of grandchildren. An interest in mostly earthy, sensual and hands-on things. She wrote a cookbook that was just as much about sexual surprises as actual recipes, and never thought about the potential consequences to the other witches in the district. Granny accuses her of being short-sighted at times, and only thinking about certain things. Nanny does have profound insights, on occasion, into the world and the people around her, but prefers to focus more on the here and now, and what she can get out of it. She tends to do whatever she wants to do, regardless of its impact on others. Nanny writes and sells a cookbook for her own amusement, then has to do “clean up” afterward to protect Granny’s reputation. She paid no attention to her financial compensation, and is clueless that she is not receiving her due. Nanny is somewhat amusingly selfish, in that she takes a great deal from her grandchildren and daughters-in-law, and does not give much back. She’s just out to have a good time.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Nanny is spirited and lives life to the fullest. She is easily bored when not stimulated by the outside world, and somewhat disinterested in a dull witching career. She is tough, no-nonsense, and bold, but also is aware of how power works, and the needs of Granny Weatherwax. They have a good friendship, because she allows Granny to do as she wishes and defers to her as an “older” hag. But Nanny is never entirely powerless. She just does not like to see Granny “lose it.” Her 8 wing is larger than life and unapologetic about her “lust” for it. She went after whatever she wanted as a young woman, regardless of the social expectations of the time or her reputation, showing an 8ish desire for immediate gratification. She is community-minded, always thinking about her family, but also attracted to intensity and blunt speech (the frankness and emotional nudity of an sx-user).