Catherine wastes no time in passing judgment on Walter for how he treats a bunch of strangers; she finds him rude, unkempt, foul-mouthed, and altogether a “drunken beast.” On their first meeting, she successfully guilt-trips him (“if there’s no room, I’ll just have to stay here”) and when further attempts fail to make him sociable, she feels justified in driving him nuts enough to leave his shack voluntarily (by telling the girls to make noise) and then taking over all his possessions and his shelter for the greater good of the group. She continually puts the group ahead of him, and even in many cases, ahead of herself; she also turns the girls’ moods negative toward him, influencing their behavior toward him, and tries to enforce morality on him, by reminding him that the girls may come to see him as a “father figure.” Later, she softens toward him and is able to warm to him, share her feelings with him, and even tolerate some of his bad behaviors. She expresses her own feelings easily (“It frustrates me how I cannot do the simplest of things!”). Her inferior Ti never really puzzles out what made him this way (there must be a reason) or how to get them out of this situation (there must be a way) or even what they will do next. She credits her high tolerance for booze to her upbringing, in which she drank watered-down wine from the age of six. Catherine also finds it hard to adjust to new circumstances; she is in the middle of a war zone, and still thinks she can ask the navy for “a bunny suit” pair of pajamas for the girls’ comfort. She insists on being prim and proper, adhering to manners, and taking on sensory-based archetypes (they need to be mother and father to the children), but she is not great at adapting to her new environment – someplace she has never been. Catherine grew up in French schools and has never set foot in the jungle; she doesn’t know how to take care of herself or the children, so she relies on Walter to do it (and to some extent, poaches off his experience). Her lower Ne is good at contingency planning when necessary.

Enneagram: 1w2 sx/so

Catherine is a “reformer” of everyone she meets, including and especially Walter, who gets under her skin for his uncouth manners, his overall selfishness, and his inappropriate behavior in general. When she cannot lecture him out of it, she decides to play by his rules: cheat. She hides his booze, so he cannot drink in front of the children. She insists on good manners. She prides herself on being appropriate, and only lets loose when she’s drunk after a “snake bite.” She admits that she is a habitual “picture straightener” and always brushes her teeth, even if she must use her finger. Her 2 wing is protective of the girls and eager to provide for their many needs, both emotional and physical. She is also more forgiving of Walter once she comes to know him better.