Kido is a traditionalist to the hilt. He places such value on Japanese honor, dignity, and duty he’s willing to take his own life in the tradition of his people if he fails. Kido is detailed and notices curious things about others, missing nothing in his quest to find information and use it to their greater advantage. He wants to preserve the Japanese side of what was formerly America as it is, and prevent massive power shifts in the future. Kido knows how the system works, how to manipulate it, and how to get things done. He both keeps a larger big picture in mind and is short-sighted at times; Kido realizes the Germans will crush them with their superior fire power, so he worries about the future for the Japanese and an eventual war between nations once Hitler dies. He covers up a German conspiracy against the Crown Prince in order to prevent that war. But he underestimates the power of the Resistance, and doesn’t realize bullying Frank will make him a powerful enemy. He’s efficient and scheming, but not unreasonable; everything Kido does is to serve some higher purpose or accomplish something in the real world – to stop the Rebellion, to come into possession of evidence, to find out information that can help them against the Nazis. He’s good at detaching from his emotions to make decisions; even though he doesn’t like John Smith, he’s willing to work alongside him to prevent a war that will bring casualties on both sides. Kido sometimes oversteps his authority, using the force and power of government in a heavy-handed way (killing Frank’s family even though Frank knew no information to give him). He does what is logical and necessary to protect information (including framing people for murder). It’s hard for outsiders to know what Kido feels most strongly about, because he leaves his emotions out of most of his decisions, but he clearly values honor, reliability, and self-sufficiency among his core values. Kido is not without compassion or mercy, but often extends it only toward those things which accomplish his goals.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Kido is highly principled and obsessed with honor and good behavior. His general accuses him of never enjoying himself enough, since even out with friends he refuses to imbibe much alcohol. He refrains from “excessive” anything—he does not over-drink, over-womanize, or over-react. He is calm, settled, and highly rational, even cold. Kido at one point is so ashamed of his failure, he is willing to kill himself. But he is not without reason; others can convince him to change his mind, or provide leniency where “the law provides.” His 9 wing remains numb and detached to others’ suffering and his own emotional needs. He comes across as cold to those who know him.