Robert is desperate for the approval of his Japanese clients and, unlike a lot of Americans, has adapted his entire life to accommodate the “new world” they live in. He saw a chance to find somewhat equal footing with the Japanese by opening a shop that specializes in unique antiques, which enables him to brush shoulders with the elite ruling class. Robert mistakes himself as “friends” with a wealthy client and is shocked to find out they merely wanted to exploit him for knowledge; that makes him angry enough to partner with Frank to swindle them. Then, he becomes concerned about the repercussions and easily expresses his fears. His emotions are on constant display; he often complains to others and insists they adapt to his fussy standards. Robert shows little Ti, except in how he uses it to understand the Japanese and their customs, all in the service of “getting ahead.” He has an immaculate store full of intricately detailed things, of which he knows the incredible personal history of each. Robert can rattle the details of an object off without consulting his catalogues and magazines, which he reads obsessively on a regular basis in order to know what might appeal to his clients and what he can “get.” When forced to give up his store and go on the road, Robert finds it hard to adjust his expectations. He is fussy and likes things just so, and has opened a practical, successful business that allows him to keep and enjoy many beautiful things, in addition to serving his customers’ needs. (He could not have these things, as an American, if he did not trade in them.) He becomes paranoid and anxious under stress, where his Ne conjures up all the ways their situation could go horribly, horribly wrong.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Robert really just wants acceptance from the world around him, and the people who are “important” in the Occupied States. He makes himself helpful in whatever way he can, volunteering to teach his clients quaint American customs, bombarding them with information, and taking any generosity on their part as a gesture of friendship. He disintegrates briefly into 8 aggression and anger, after they reject him and make him use the servants’ entrance; he takes it as a personal insult, but then regains his senses too late and wonders if they can stop what he has put in motion. Once more, he is thinking about his reputation and how to maintain a high standard for the elite class he serves. His 3 wing demands the best of everything and is not afraid to adapt, but he is not as smooth in fitting in wherever he goes as a 3 core would be; like a lot of mid-level 2s, he comes across as needy and desperate for approval.