Nichole is a highly active socialite who loves to attract people to the cause, groom them in the way that she thinks they could go, and introduce them to new experiences, ideas, and beliefs about themselves as a higher race. She sees herself as part of a collective, and often speaks in “we” terms. When dissatisfied with footage of American Nazis breaking up the Abraham Lincoln memorial, Nicole gives them a rousing speech about how they are the future of the Reich, an inspiration to generations to come. She laughs off Joe’s conflict about not wanting to be part of the new “chosen” race, bred for special purposes, because she embraces that identity and sees others “like her” to spend time with. Nicole uses other people to get things done, appealing to their emotions and also asserting her own feelings, but can also dismiss personal sentiment. Nicole expresses herself in abstract, intuitive terms, ranging from her various conversations with Joe to telling him drugs are a “doorway into the subconscious.” She admits at one point that she had a vision of kissing a skull–that is how her Ni transforms the news of her dead lover’s death into a personal symbol. She is forever referencing the past, and how they must instead focus on the future and the “new” Reich. She has specific ideas on how to shape it around the Hitler Youth, using Thomas’ sacrificial death to bring the emphasis onto the younger generation. When Joe mentions they already have a Nazi filmmaker, Nicole dismisses it, saying the woman is 60 years old and “should retire.” Nicole knows, instinctively, to pan away from the person speaking to the Smith family and capture the crowd; a few seconds later, half the audience stands up to “hail” Thomas’ sacrifice, enabling her to capture it all on film. She turns up, and dismisses any ideas in favor of her own, about how to shoot the new propaganda films; Nicole has a clear, specific vision she is following. She wants to destroy iconic American historical symbols and replace them with symbols of the New Reich. Her inferior Se, she regulates to opportunistic sexual conquests and experiences. She dabbles in drugs and has a fluid sexuality, risking her reputation to engage in bisexual trysts with an important political figure’s wife. She wants to “understand” what John Smith did, to inspire such devotion in his son, and her biography about Thomas becomes one about his father, too. But she doesn’t think through her decisions or think the normal rules (about lesbianism) apply to her, which gets her sent home in disgrace.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sx

When her sexual partner in New York confesses she feels like she is falling in love, Nicole tells her not to be ridiculous. She is into unemotional, detached lovemaking. For Nicole, appearances and power come first. She uses her pull to get out of sticky situations, which winds up sending her back to Berlin to be re-educated. She competently and confidently walks into a man’s office and takes over his job, under the assumption she has every right to be there. She effortlessly adapts to whatever is needed of her, and likes others to admire her. She seems to know what others need, and caters to it (love affairs, stimulation, introductions)… all while avoiding any kind of emotional entanglement. Her 4 wing has an elitist mentality of being superior and “special” because of her birthright; because of this, she has a responsibility to carry the Reich forward and inspire generations to come. Nicole explores her inner self through getting in touch with her subconscious (through drugs). She is drawn to others “like her” and wants to be unique and authentic in her art; her films reflect her personal Ni vision of the future and are representative of what matters most to her.