If Joe was not a fast thinker on his feet, he would have been dead a long time ago – give him a few seconds and he can come up with logical solutions to his problems, way out of sticky situations, and what measure to take to ensure his own survival and the protection of those he cares about. He has a restless nature to him, which is not satisfied merely “following orders,” but desires to fully understand everything he’s doing and committed to; he’s intelligent enough to lie to everyone at all times, and plays things very close to his chest. He can charm other people when he wants to, and has no problem comforting Juliana, but doesn’t easily open up about his feelings – and then, he does so in a tearful way (“I’m a better man for having met you”). He’s also prone to the influence of other people, and to taking on their cause as his own. Eventually, through prison conditioning and his Nazi relationships, Joe adopts the mentality of the Reich and wants to spread that propaganda to Juliana. He is a risk taker, and inclined to act quickly in situations, for good or ill; he sometimes is so fast to leap on an opportunity he endangers his true identity or his life (trying to steal and read files from his boss inside his own house, for example). Joe’s ability to think fast helps him fool the resistance and Nazis alike. He is aggressive and never leaves without what he came for, even if it means slamming a door shut, grabbing someone else’s weapon, and shooting two people in the head to reclaim what he was sent to get. His gut tells him there’s more to the films than first appears, and that Juliana is important; it also clues him into her true motivations late in their arc, which enables him to recognize what is actually going on … maybe too late. The fact that he became a Nazi speaks to his lower desire to have some greater vision for the future, and a larger purpose in his life. He becomes fixated on creating a new future, devoid of the old ideas of the past.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

To the people around him, Joe is an enigma – someone they cannot quite figure out, since he seems to have no personal agenda or distinct set of values. He adapts to whatever the situation requires fluidly, with an eye on accomplishing an end goal. When he does not like his father’s actions, Joe refuses to have anything to do with him, and shuns the idea of what is “valuable” in the Reich (his 1 wing having moral disapproval of people’s immoral actions), but then slowly adapts to their beliefs, showing a 9’s tendency to go against their personal values to keep the peace and remain conflict-free.