Juliana follows her heart and is stubborn about persisting in finding out the truth. She doesn’t care if Frank agrees about her decisions or not; she acts on what she believes is right, and what matters to her. Sometimes, her emotions overload her common sense (pursuing “answers” about her sister’s death even when it nearly gets her killed). She makes decisions based on her emotions and how she feels about things (choosing not to commit murder, feeling sick if she must, etc). She is compassionate and worried for other people, wishing she could find ways to help and save them during riots. Juliana is good at hiding her feelings and doesn’t really talk about them with others; she allows others to make their own decisions, and she expects them to do the same for her. She is not, however, very rational in knowing the consequences of her actions – she runs off the Neutral Zone, never once thinking it might cause the people she leaves behind trouble with the Japanese; she simply acts on her feelings (getting on the bus, befriending people in the Resistance, taking a job at a dangerous building, etc). She can be lost in her own little world and naïve about the larger one outside. Juliana becomes so excited about the hope represented in the video she risks everything to chase it. She wants to pursue the idea to its end, and learn as much as she can about it – where the footage came from, if they can make something similar happen here, what it represents. She’s an idealist who eagerly adopts someone else’s dream. She relies on her insights and hunches, and instantly knows when something is wrong. Juliana intuitively perceives the intentions of the Man in the High Castle, and figured out he was using her to get to her friends. She senses something amiss with Joe after being reunited with him. Juliana wrongfully assumes she can return from the Neutral Zone and maintain her old life – go back to teaching martial arts and being around her old friends. She is shy and not sure what to do when introduced to new situations, people, and places. Her inexperience with the Japanese government or espionage leads her to make dangerous mistakes that nearly get her killed.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Julianna has managed to survive in a dangerous place by being pleasant, accommodating, and doing whatever the Japanese told her, including obeying all their rules. She has a somewhat naive expectation that after her adventure, she can return home without any repercussions. She avoids conflict as much as possible, feels anxious when her boyfriend is angry with her, worries about disappointing her parents, and tries not to upset anyone at work. Yet, she can be stubborn in doing what she thinks is best, and as time goes by, she becomes more militant in pursuing what she thinks is right — joining groups that defend the free people and fight against their oppressors. Juliana does not really want to kill anyone, and feels a harmony with another 9w1, her Japanese boss. They both want peace and to find common ground, to be pleasant and untouched by cruelties. Her 1 wing is principled, hard-working, and dutiful. Under stress, Juliana moves more into 6ish distrust of others and waffling, but ultimately she listens to her instincts (and while is is careful, she’s never quite careful enough).