Once realizing he could use a former schoolmate to enact the “perfect murder,” Tony collected as much information about him as he could, down to the smallest detail. He found ways to frame him, and force him to do what he wanted, then planned the murder in intricate detail, from where she would stand to answer the phone to what the murderer should do afterward. Tony plans to stay on the sidelines and let it all progress without his direct physical involvement, a method typical of an inferior Se murderer. Then the murder goes wrong—horribly. Margot survives. He quickly switches gears, gets her to believe him innocent, and starts playing the police. Tony opportunistically (and somewhat recklessly) leaves clues to implicate her in blackmail and murder! He almost succeeds, too, except he lives a little too much in the moment afterward and spends money he should not have. That gives him away. He decided to murder his wife to keep up his opulent, carefree lifestyle without having to work for a living, showing his enjoyment of the finer things in life but lack of ambition. Tony is a detached, rational man, who has come up with a solution to his problem he considers to be not only logical, but reasonable. His wife is having an affair. If Margot divorces him for her lover, he will be left without an income. So, he decides to kill her so he can inherit her money and live in luxury the rest of his life. It is a simple need with a simple, logical fix. Tony is excellent at problem-solving in the spur of the moment and in convincing her to listen to him and believe him. He constantly out-maneuvers the police and comes up with reasons “why” they should not suspect him. His Fi has little to no concern for anyone besides himself; he has no regard for his wife’s welfare or emotional state, or even her life.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Tony’s motive is money, so he can retain his extravagant lifestyle. He enjoys being a famous tennis player, and adapting to new situations as they arise. The idea of losing his status, and having to take on a mundane job to pay for his own way, does not appeal to him. So he turns to a ruthless way of getting what he wants, bumping off Margot so he can inherit her fortune. Tony is cool and collected in intense situations, easily able to adapt and to laugh off things that make him uncomfortable. He never pauses to consider his feelings, instead using them manipulatively to get Margot to listen to his advice. Once he has failed, even then he does not lose face, instead simply pouring himself a drink and offering the police one (if he’s going to jail, he may as well console himself and give in to it, 9 disintegration). His 4 wing is elitist and withdrawn, enjoys a sense of intellectual superiority and has extravagant tastes.