ISFPs believe in trusting and acting on their feelings, and that defines Diana. When she feels drawn to Matthew, she goes after him, and sees no reason to wait to consummate their relationship. It doesn’t matter to her, that it might be dangerous—she wants to be close to him, to share their blood and memories, to get married, even though it violates the inter-species agreements. She tends to do whatever she feels like doing, sometimes in a reckless manner – such as when she makes a deal with a vampire lord behind her husband’s back in Elizabethan England, so as to keep their adopted son safe throughout the centuries. He begs her to be quiet before Queen Elizabeth, and she chooses to speak up instead. She is proactive and assertive in going after what she wants; she isn’t afraid of Matthew or his mother’s vampire bloodlust, and instead finds it interesting to accompany them on a hunt. She trusts him, without proof, not to hurt her when he’s full of bloodlust. Diana confronts and stops him from using his hatred to hurt others, even when others tell her that it might be dangerous – her love for him is so great, she trusts him even when he’s out of control. From time to time, Diana has flits of intuition – she just ‘knows’ what to do, where to find the book, how to seek out the missing pages. She’s worried about changing the future (“I’m afraid to change it too much, even though I want to change it all”), but also is proactive in the present moment. She likes to surrender to it, and is frustrated that her magic is taking too long for her to learn. She has an instinctive knack for it, but also doesn’t dig beneath the surface of it much – others have to cause her to think about why she has such powers. Mostly, Diana’s emotions motivate all of her actions, and her magical powers are directly tied to her feelings. She does, however, love to gather factual information related to her specific interests—she starts out the series as a professor of ancient texts and an expert in her field, a lover of history, but not someone who adheres to it (she doesn’t care about tradition or the races staying apart; if she loves Matthew, she feels she ought to be with him).

Enneagram: 5w4 sx/sp

Diana is somewhat arrogant in how smart she is, but also withdraws from the world and relies on her own assumptions when making decisions; she is competent, self-assured, and even aggressive under pressure, showing her line to 8. She has total faith in her own competency, solutions, and ideas and refuses to listen to anyone who tries to dissuade her from loving Matthew or going into the past. She can sometimes be reckless in her assumption that she will come out of situations alive, but her self-confidence allows her to gain the respect of Matthew’s parents and his family. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her, or attempt to make friends with them beyond her need for a teacher, and is eager to connect to, understand, and use her magical powers to change history. Matthew first discovers her as a reclusive woman who doesn’t like to speak in public, but who prefers Libraries to human connections. She becomes more and more emotionally driven as the story unfolds, investing fully in her lover and in her feelings toward him, showing the emotional side of the sexual 5 and also her 4ish frustration with those who attempt to control or change her in any way. She doesn’t see why others should dictate their lives to them.