Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Diana has spent countless hours studying a very specialized topic of great personal interest to her, given her family’s magical history—the occult. She is now a renewed expert upon which others call to give lectures on the various forms and interpretations of magic. But she views these things with detachment, and is purely interested to further her own intellectual knowledge of the situation in-depth. This leads her to the library, where she unknowingly summons a book from the depths that “everyone” wants to read, in both vampire and witch factions, but that responds only to her touch. Since her Ne is so underdeveloped, Diana sees nothing unusual about this, feels overwhelmed by the magic in the book, and quickly returns it to its place. She resumes her studies, not noticing how much “fuller” the library is with each subsequent visit, and underestimating how much others want to get their hands on the book, using her violently in the process if necessary. Only through Matthew’s  guidance and her own personal experiences does she gradually come to see she has been “spellbound” and prevented from using or accessing her magic except under duress. She just wants the facts and intentionally ally seeks them out. Diana has an incredible capacity to remember and store information. She is working on a thesis and devotes all her spare time to its development. Since she exhibited no strong magical powers as a child, she simply accepted their absence and went on with her life in practical terms, never questioning why she could not do what her parents could. This shows the limits of her thinking process, to simply accept and not question situations. She continues to do this, refusing to ask questions other than pertain to her work, and in the process, endangering herself in being oblivious to the building war around her. Her Fi is persistent and persnickety. She flat out refuses to compromise her values, or believe one race is in any way inferior to another. She tells people that to their faces, also that she doesn’t care what they think of her. She falls hard and fast in love, and chooses to be with Matthew, despite what everyone around her thinks and their warnings to be careful.

Enneagram: 6w5 sx/sp

Diana attaches strongly to Matthew and becomes reliant on him, but also looks for ways to communicate and reach out and make friends with other people, to diffuse their potential hatred for her. She isn’t sure of how to use her powers so she avoids using them as much as possible. She has taken a backseat to her life, living as an intellectual and studying the occult rather than using her own powers and testing her limits. Even the powers she can access, such as pulling books off shelves, she refuses to use, out of fear it will somehow harm her. She never looked beyond her immediate circumstances or tried to learn magic in a hands-on way, and only starts doing so when it becomes increasingly necessary to do so.