Functional Order: Ni-Te-Fi-Se

Matthew operates solely on his insights into situations, by connecting things other people miss or do not understand. He operates off these hunches and takes them as facts. He instinctively knows Diana is important, that the book she “summoned” in the library is connected to her, and reasons out how she did it. He believes she is important to the vampires and witches alike. He tests her blood to confirm what he already instinctively knows given her incredible untapped powers, that she has a powerful bloodline. He senses she has been repressing her magic, and has much more of it than she believes is the truth. Under pressure, Matthew can be reactive and impulsive. He rushes off to a castle to rescue her, and intends to leap into a well from which there is no escape, without thinking of the consequences. He distrusts his own ability to control his bloodlust when initially getting to know her. He attacks one of her friends for betraying her, and drains her almost to the point of death. He has a sense of shame about his hedonistic, blood-soaked youth. As a mortal, Matthew was a stonemason, showing his link to hands-on learning and tangible artwork. He can be a bit of a control freak. Matthew orders around his friends in the lab and expects their unquestioning obedience. He insists on doing many things, such as taking and testing Diana’s blood, himself. He does the rational thing, in removing himself from her presence, until he is sure he can control his impulses toward feeding off her. When Diana expresses annoyance in his constant presence in the library, he points out that she has many enemies and he intends to keep her safe from them (has she not noticed the increased presence of “students” there?). His emotions are intense but private. Matthew rarely shares them and has no interest in talking about his past. But he can also be impulsive and irrational, operating off his emotions in seeking to establish a relationship with Diana and “bond,” thus potentially igniting a war between two factions, vampires and witches, and placing his entire extended family in danger.

Enneagram: 8w9 sx/sp

In his youth, Matthew admits he could be a bit of a problem—he caroused and killed people, but as he has matured, he has greater control over those instincts. But he is still domineering and controlling, wanting to take power over others and using threats, violence, and other means to get them to do what he wants. He assumes, somewhat arrogantly, that his presence will deter others from attacking Diana. He retaliates and has no qualms about doing so, even against her “friends” (which shocks her). His 9 wing wants to be peaceful, and maintains a sense of competent calm even in intense situations. He does not want to get upset, or have his sense of self intruded upon. Matthew numbs himself to anything he does not want to deal with.