Rose is much more pragmatic than her brother; when hearing about the German invasion, she suggests they leave immediately. Despite being overwrought with his death, when Charlie arrives, she agrees to his prompt burial to avoid the body stinking up in the heat. On the boat, she hears the challenges facing them, and rationalizes appropriate conclusions—for them to make a propeller out of what they have on hand, to create a billows and weld the pieces together, to create torpedoes over what is stored in the boat (she asks Charlie if they have all the components to blow up a German ship). When seeing Charlie’s need to continually mess with the engine due to a screwdriver dropped inside it, she asks him why he didn’t just take it apart and “remove it.” Her emotions are firm and resolute, but somewhat out of control; she is offended by being called a skinny old maid. And when she falls in love, it is head over heels, to an irrational degree, with no thought for her own survival. In Charlie’s eyes, her idea about sailing up an impassable river to a lake to torpedo an enemy ship with hand-made torpedoes is just plain nuts… and yet, her stalwart conviction in her vision carries them forward. And what’s even crazier, she was right about everything. They did forge the rapids. They did create torpedoes. They did blow up an enemy ship. The journey there activates her tert-Se – rather than being terrified after surviving the first rapids, Rosie is excited and stimulated. She confesses she has rarely felt such excitement. She impulsively wants to learn to steer, jumps in the water to help Charlie fix the propeller, walks through leech-infested waters to drag the boat further into the swamp, and recklessly tells the enemy captain everything so she and Charlie can “hang together.”

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sx

Rosie is nothing if not proper. She continues to wear appropriate garments in the jungle, even though it is over a hundred degrees outside. She frowns on Charlie’s drinking and drunkenness, and dumps his gin overboard the first chance she gets. She tells him that offends her less than his “breaking of a promise,” with the implication that she holds him to his word. She refuses to speak to him again until he agrees to do what he promised. As the adventure goes on, we see her moving to 7 integration – letting down her hair, being stirred by adventure, abandoning her rigidity, and having fun. Her 2 wing is eager to help in whatever way she can, especially after she has fallen in love. She wants to be his assistant, and does small things like launder his clothes and bring him tea, allow him to sleep in, and takes her turn in the water.