Anna desperately craves to be out in the world and yearns for excitement. She enjoys physically engaging reality and throws herself wholeheartedly into everything she does, with immediate action, whether that is waking her big sister in the middle of the night or heading out into a snowstorm wearing no more than a cloak. She is bored to death in the castle and always figuring out ways to make it more entertaining for herself (talking to paintings, riding bikes down banister rails, etc)! Encountering danger doesn’t faze her much; instead, it gives her even greater enthusiasm and courage. She is quick thinking, spontaneous, and takes immediate advantage of her situation. In Frozen 2, Anna is quick-thinking and swift to act when she believes she has found out the truth about the enchanted forest. She risks her life by waking the earth trolls and getting them to do what she wants them to do, even though it means harming her kingdom in her attempt to set things right. She is passionate, a romantic at heart who falls in love easily but also forms rich, deep bonds with other people. Anna believes the best in others, even when they can’t see it in themselves. Her desire is to connect others to their inner goodness, but also to find true love for herself. She has a very strong sense of duty, right, and wrong. She loves her sister so much, she’s willing to do anything to protect her. Anna is able to comfort Olaf when he needs her, and to make a choice that is for the good, rather than what is expected of her. She is willing to sacrifice her throne to restore balance to the magical kingdom. Rationality isn’t her strong point, but Anna does know how to get what she wants. She figures out how to recruit companions in her quest and is unafraid to make decisions. She tends to act on her feelings. Anna is extremely poor at reading intuitively into situations – she takes Hans at face value instead of analyzing his motives or second-guessing her feelings. It takes someone else to point out the man she loves has feelings for her in return – she’s totally oblivious. She leaps to all the wrong conclusions during her boyfriend’s various attempts to propose.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Anna feels stifled and bored inside her castle, with no one to share her fun with; she begs her sister to come out with her and “play” (“the sky is awake, so I am awake, which means it’s time to play!”). She’s excited to attend her sister’s ball, because something is finally happening in their kingdom that is interesting! She is also naïve, and believes the best of everyone she meets; assuming that liking all the same things means that she and Hans are ‘destined’ to be together! She feels trapped at home, and sings “For the First Time in Forever” about how she will be dancing through the night, there will be magic and fun! She thinks she has to make the most out of it, before it’s gone, and focuses on all the exciting things that are about to happen (falling in love, eating chocolate, etc). But her 6 wing feels very connected to her sister, and to her family; she feels a sense of obligation and responsibility to their subjects when she becomes queen, and she never ran away from home (unlike Ariel, a 7w8).