Kristoff gets off on the wrong foot with Anna, because he finds her to be totally irrational. You don’t fall in love and get engaged to someone you just met that day, that’s stupid. You don’t go running off into the woods after your sister, unprepared to deal with the wolves, that’s moronic! He has a straightforward, objective perspective on life, and is unafraid to tackle conversations that point out the irrational behavior of others. He is good at analyzing a situation and finding the quickest, most logical solution (disconnecting the sled, anchoring them in the ice, etc). Kristoff is sparing with his words, but always concise in his views. He “talks for Sven” in order to work through his feelings, and feels a strong need to protect and guide Anna even though he doesn’t completely trust her judgment. He observes the detached physical details of his environment, and from them discerns what to do. Kristoff is quick to adapt, able to think fast on his feet, and uses the world around him to accomplish immediate goals. He finds it easy to get in synch with Anna and cater to her needs, and is un-phased by their death-defying experiences. He thinks more about the present than the future, cares about how things look, and enjoys owning a nice sled… His desire is to have a plan of action for once they reach the ice palace; he is disturbed by the fact that Anna intends just to wing it and “talk” to her sister. Kristoff knows in advance that his won’t work, and he’s right. His motivation revolves around the futuristic idea of getting a new sled; he uses that vision to keep him moving forward. Kristoff is irritated at her irrational behavior, but also drawn in by her passion and conviction. He works for the betterment of society in wanting to help Elsa, and not just his own best interests. Once he decides to propose, Kristoff becomes more anxious about getting it right. He rehearses, he asks for others’ opinions, and he consistently screws up “the right moment” due to his natural bluntness.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Kristoff has a warm and affectionate but logical personality — when he finds out Anna intends to marry someone she only just met, he finds that aburd and questions the logic of it. He is cautious and thoughtful in his decisions. He rationalizes his way through things and over-thinks his proposal — asking for advice on how best to do it, and wondering if it’s premature. His 7 wing is fun-loving; he often talks for his reindeer and gives him a sense of humor, he is open to adventures, and likes to connect to Anna through good-natured fun.