Olaf understands the unspoken connection between Anna and Kristoff before either of them acknowledge it (he knows Kristoff loves Anna). He is animated, quirky, and loves to talk about his ideas – he is thrilled at the thought of seeing his daydreams become reality (experiencing summer, meeting Elsa, etc). He frequently changes his mind or tosses aside one idea for a new one, as it presents itself. Olaf is a natural explorer, driven to bring others into his ideas (you can come, too!). In Frozen 2, he entertains them for a hundred miles by giving them random trivia. He ponders abstract theories such as whether adulthood will give him greater understanding. Because he has such a short lifespan, Olaf hasn’t had time to gather previous experiences; but he places high emphasis on the moment Elsa created him. He loves what he loves, and talks about it to excess, often not noticing when other people are tired of discussing it, bored to death, or half asleep. Olaf is simply busy entertaining himself. He’s highly aware of emotional dynamics and relationships. He notices and takes care of Anna’s feelings, and tells her that Kristoff loves her. He can be considerate of others. Olaf is practical, also, however. He shows quick thinking in analyzing a situation and choosing the most effective method of problem solving (helping Anna and Kristoff, arranging a distraction so Anna can “run away,” lighting a fire, and trying to get Anna as quickly as possible to her true love).

Enneagram: 7w6 sx/so

Olaf is a dreamer at heart, who simply wants to experience everything the world has to offer, from sunshine to winter, from ships to strawberries. He sees the magic and wonder wherever he looks, and is good at introducing others to similar adventures. He’s such a happy snowman, he finds it difficult to understand his own feelings of anger (“She pushed me away too!” he laments, before becoming cheerful again). Olaf is warm, and family-focused, he likes to have someone with him on his adventure and becomes easily frightened in the woods all on his own (his 6 wing).