Briony is bound and determined to fit the outside into her very rigid, immature, and “fanciful” way of seeing the world. Rather than interpreting a situation correctly (that her sister is in love with a local boy), Briony completely re-works the truth into “he was attacking my sister.” Later, when a local girl is raped by an unknown assailant, Briony connects the two incidents in her mind and becomes “convinced” he is responsible, resulting in him being sent to prison. She spends all her time re-envisioning things into “words.” Words, words, words. They are how she thinks, how she communicates, and she is always looking for better ones. As an adult, Briony realizes she made a mistake, and her Ni pieces together what happened accurately (he was innocent, they were in love, and the girl has now married her rapist) … or does she? Since she is an unreliable narrator, we will never know. Her inferior Se as a child shows in her occasional recklessness; she jumps into a pond and almost drowns, just because she wanted to be rescued. She loves to wander through the woods and into the trees, but also has a severe distaste for anything sexual. Whenever Briony is upset, she immediately turns to other people and talks about it (how “disgusting” some people can be). She tries to wrangle her cousins into performing her plays and gets frustrated with their disinterest. Briony attempts to legislate morality in their home, by turning in someone as a “pervert.” She makes broad, generalizing assumptions about him and operates off them, because they make sense to her in her own mind (Ti) and require no outside evidence (lack of Se). As she matures, Briony starts questioning her earlier conclusions and testing them, through Ti development. She feels a need to be “right” with her sister, but admits that she was too much of a coward to face her and ask forgiveness face to face.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Briony is obsessed with purity. She has symbols of religious piety all over her room. She keeps her clothes spotless. She finds sexual things distasteful and refrains from them herself, judging others whom she finds in compromising situation and assuming them to be “bad” people. She spends her entire adult life attempting to atone for her mistake, which deeply wears upon her, by serving in the Red Cross. Though she deeply wants to make it right with her sister, her 9 wing won’t allow her to go and apologize in person, because she might have to face her sister’s furious response. Even in her fantasy, she shrinks away from any kind of conflict, and attempts to make herself smaller.