Dustin thrives on new ideas and on speaking whatever comes into his head, often looking for affirmation from others as to his conclusions and hoping to theorize with them (none of them often accommodate him) but also tends to trust his instincts first – even when they’re incorrect (he befriends and names a Demigorgon and refuses to listen when Mike and the others warn him it’s a dangerous creature from the Upside Down). He’s the first one to start tossing out creative theories about El. When Mike says he doesn’t understand Lucas’ hostility toward El, Dustin tells him it’s because she is ‘breaking their friendship’ dynamic and Lucas is jealous; he wavers between intense optimism and caution in accordance with his inferior Si, which is so dreadful, he fails to associate his “new pet” with the Demigorgon (he gets caught up in fantasizing how famous he will become, having discovered a ‘new species’ and fails to notice how his pet resembles a monster!). He offers El “pudding” when she’s hungry, since it always makes him feel better. Dustin loves science class, because he excels in areas of abstract thinking; he figures out how to ask their teacher’s advice using hypotheticals and rational reasoning drawn to its ultimate conclusion (“the man and the flea on the tightrope”), but also refuses to consider anything that doesn’t pass his internal logic. When Mike argues with him over his pet, Dustin refuses to listen because he has made up his mind as to what it is, and does not want to change it! Dustin has a creative way of problem-solving (he sends his mother searching for the cat, booby-traps the house, dons kitchen mitts and a catcher’s outfit, and chases his little buddy into the basement), but channels all his emotional energy into self-expression (he never leaves anyone in doubt as to how he feels about anything). Dustin is able to accurately read his friends and intuit their motivations (Lucas and Mike’s areas of conflict) and charm his mother (and other people); he’s also able to negotiate peace among his buddies, and shows a severe need to be liked – Nancy’s rejections of him deflate him, and she is able to lift him back up through affirmation at the dance, when she chooses to dance with him to prove a point to the girls who rejected him.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Dustin has an open enthusiasm about life which is contagious; each situation, he turns into something bigger, more exciting, and with more potential in it, while he also has a more self-preserving side through his 6 wing (which provides the snacks and the pudding). When he encounters a baby demigorgon, he seizes upon the potential it holds for a terrific future, utterly neglecting the lessons he should have learned from their previous experiences with the demigorgon – typical of an enthusiastic young 7, who spends little to no time in reflecting, but is always chasing the next new, exciting thing. He is all wrapped up in the far-fetched prospect of becoming “famous” for discovering a new species of lizard, and in his fantasies about what that means for his future amazing self. His 6 also makes him the habitual peacemaker among his friends, trying to persuade Lucas and Mike to “play nice,” shake hands, and be friends.