Will is the one of the gang the most reluctant to see the world around him change. Due to his personal attachment to how things have always been in his life, when his friends get girlfriends, he resists adaptation and clings to how things were before — in his mind, playing D&D was way more fun than fretting constantly about girls. He tries to ground the group and get them to return to what is familiar. Will senses the Mindflayer’s return due to a physical sensation on the back of his neck, that he recognizes both from his time in the Upside Down, and from his encounters with the creature the year before. He relies on this sensory sixth sense to inform him when something has gone wrong, and to motivate his friends to take action. Even though he does not volunteer his feelings much, when asked, Will is direct about them – and also extremely kind. He does not like his friends to fight and often tries to peace make among them; when Jonathan bluntly says Bob is weird, Will counters that he is nice; when Jonathan makes a disparaging comment about a musician’s music, Will argues that some people LIKE his music. Will seems to withhold his feelings and concerns to avoid upsetting his mother or those who love him, but Bob’s advice on how to stand up to his fears, he takes to heart and feels ‘better’ having heard it (until it backfires). His brother encourages him to be more independent in his thinking, and tells him he does not have to like things just because others do. Will is quietly rational, and spends a lot of time inside his mind. Will uses his creativity and Ne in creating D&D adventures that are thrilling, and in his artwork, but he leaves most of the theorizing to stronger N types (Nancy, his mother, and Mike).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Will is sweet, generous, and compliant; his mother remarks on what a little gentleman he is, even though he’s “strange.” He tends to need a lot of alone time and often retreats into the woods to his fort to be alone – showing his need for peace and quiet and familiar, comfortable things around them. Will even heads to the upside-down version of his fort when he’s afraid, since he knows that will  comfort him. He tries to mediate between his friends and avoid conflict, and can be slow to assert himself. His 1 wing makes him the model child and perfect student, as well as want to do the right thing. Under stress, he can become distrustful and anxious (moving to 6).