Jonathan tells his brother, “You shouldn’t have to like, or pretend to like, something if you do not really like it.” That’s how he operates in his reality, through his strong opinions and feelings of like / repulsion. He doesn’t think Nancy should put up with Steve’s disloyal behavior, and stands up for her when the others call her a slut. Jonathan has a quiet emotional intensity that pervades many of his decisions, from his silent adoration for Nancy, which manifests in taking pictures of her and punching out anyone who insults him, to his emotional support of his mom. Once his brother goes missing, Jonathan internalizes all his feelings, and never shares his fears. He sinks into his photography and ideas about what happened, in order to deal with his emotions. His inferior Te shows in his ‘take charge’ attitude under stress (as he and Nancy set up a bunch of traps for the Demigorgon) and the fact that he doesn’t care where the creature came from or what it wants; he just wants to kill it and protect his family! He sees the world through the lens of his camera, but has no illusions about anyone in his life; his dad is a jackass who left them; his mom is over-worked and hysterical; his brother is a sweet little guy who needs to find his way in the world; Nancy is something special (though she doesn’t know it yet), and Steve doesn’t deserve her. His mother’s intuitive theory about Will sounds nuts to him, until he finds actual physical proof of the monster, which he then translates into immediate action. He’s not above risk-taking, and has a singular focus once he commits to a task. He and Nancy work together to form singular conclusions about what’s going on and come up with a plan of action, which includes trapping the creature in his home.

Enneagram: 9w8 sx/sp

Jonathan is a loner who spends most of his time observing people from a distance rather than getting directly involved with them. When his parents used to fight, he would take Will into his room and play him music to distract him, using that to soothe him and keep them both calm, so they wouldn’t think about the arguments. He rather compliantly allows things to happen to him (being bullied and called names, even having his camera get broken without retaliating), until he gets angry enough to attack his dad for something said about his mother, or to beat up Steve for allowing his friends to call Nancy a slut and smear her name amid insults all over the town in spray-paint. His 8 wing has a fierce temper and he isn’t afraid to show it, often reacting violently to threats. Though he argues against being attracted to her, he winds up finally making his move only after someone else tells him that he should, showing a general inertia in directly going after what he wants in life. He manages to stay calm most of the time, and also comes around to being “okay” with Steve even after their “issues” with each other.