Hopper is a chill sheriff, who gathers as much information about the crime scene and disappearance of Will and Barb as he can, before he passes a rational judgment on it. He tends to act more than explain himself, and thinks Joyce has gone off her rocker when she starts talking about her son communicating through the lights and monsters in the walls, but he can’t deny the weird stuff happening around town. His detachment causes him severe trouble in establishing healthy relationships with others (he tends to ‘love women and leave ‘em’ and never call them back; and he and El have an unlikely but strained father/daughter relationship). Hopper proves sensible but fearless; he goes, without backup, into the Upside Down to investigate the tunnel system; he accompanies Joyce into the heart of the monster to face the beast; he keeps them alive inside a building flooded with monsters; and he has no problem shooting down Demigorgons while El closes the rift between worlds. His tendency to act before he thinks almost gets him killed in the tunnels, since he left without telling anyone where he was going and took no one along to watch his back, but he’s good at improvising in the moment. He feels ‘something off’ about the situation, but it takes him time to formulate a theory. His inferior Fe shows in his occasional bouts of opening up to establish a bond with someone, but his overall discomfort with discussing his daughter’s death, and his screaming matches with El whenever she pushes him too far.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Hopper is blunt, uninterested in keeping people happy, and gruff. He regards insane theories with skepticism and tells the kids to shut up unless they can provide useful information. He would rather directly act than listen to a bunch of chatter. When his secretary reminds him that he should be more professional in the office and show up on time, he just scoffs and eats a donut. His crabbiness can be off-putting, but he won’t be deterred from an investigation, even if it means body-slamming a few guys, punching people in the face, or giving an organization hell. Hopper doesn’t care about the rules or abiding by them, he just wants answers and is willing to get them in any way it requires. Overall, his demeanor is one of perceptible rage (he’s often on the verge of losing his temper, especially with El’s disobedience) but also a general apathy. His home life is disorganized and lazy, full of addictive behaviors. Hopper isn’t ambitious, and seems to be doing his job just because it pays the bills. He has a lackluster attitude toward his personal life, in his inability to form connections to anyone since his daughter died.