Functional Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Robin understands four separate languages and assumes because of that she can crack the Russian code, which she does within twenty-four hours by approaching it systematically and attempting to understand its components. She frequently gets into arguments with Steve over his “irrational” approaches. Dustin admires her, because she is “brilliant,” and speaks a similar “language” to his own – they theorize together and test their theories through practical application. She figures things out, by doing them or relating them to her environment. She is able to crack the code by looking around the mall and identifying the markers used in the code words. She figures out they can get into the secret room through the air vent, then runs off to the clerk’s office for blueprints. Robin notices Erica is constantly hanging around, and about the right size to squeeze through the ducts, so recruits her with an exchange of ice cream for assistance. When tied up, she notices surgical scissors in a dishpan in the corner, and gets Steve to help her “hop” their chairs toward it. She physically displays her contempt for the Russians by spitting in their face. Her tert-Ni comes in handy in sensing there is more going on in the code than is first apparent. She instinctively knows it means something important, then becomes fixated on following the clues to the very end. When bored, Robin criticizes Steve at work and nitpicks his flirting techniques, writing out and keeping score on the “You Suck” side of her whiteboard. Under Russian capture, she mocks, ridicules, and defies the authorities, in an attempt to bluff them, but also opens up emotionally and confides in Steve her history of unrequited crushes. Her low Fe takes comfort in both being there for him, and pushing him around a bit for her own amusement.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Robin has an adventurous spirit and a desire to avoid being bored; she hates being stuck behind an ice cream counter and leaps at the chance to have an adventure and do something more interesting, even if it’s just cracking a mysterious code. When trapped by the enemy, she still continues to make jokes and have a good time, even though she’s scared. She is confident and able to talk anyone into anything. She doesn’t care for people being upset with her, and turns “the kids” over to Steven when she has to deny them any more “free samples.” Her 8 wing brings out slight aggression, frankness, and grounds her imagination in reality. It gives her the bravado to spit in a man’s face.