Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Steve is best known in the first season as “a jock,” and the “hot thing” in the school. He is very interested in pursuing all of his physical desires, with little interest in the potential consequences (making out with Nancy in the bathroom, throwing an impromptu party at his house, sleeping with Nancy, etc). He tends to take things on a surface value at first, especially when his emotions are involved – assuming Nancy is cheating on him and allowing his “friends” to slut-shame her. But he also shows true bravery in how he sticks around when he comes face to face with a monster – he picks up the bat and makes himself a true threat. He furthers this in season two, when he becomes involved in helping Dustin trap demigorgons, and actually uses himself as bait. Steve is not open with his feelings to his friends, and tends to suffer in silence – or he uses his fists to communicate his message. He does care deeply about Nancy, though he’s awkward in admitting it, and is very hurt at the party when she calls them both “bullshit,” and that their relationship is also “bullshit.” He’s so overwhelmed by that, he just walks out and leaves her there, alone and drunk, to find her own way home. But he feels kind of an affinity for Dustin when he spends time with him, and takes up a mentorship “big brother” role (that still won’t interfere with his reputation – you tell anyone this, I’ll kill you). He tends to deal with problems in a hard and fast way and focuses on resolving them (using his fists, sometimes) quickly and effectively. He does have good hunches about Nancy (that she has feelings for Jonathan, for one) but does not actively follow them.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Though he spends a fair amount of his time acting out, Steve shows a lot of his “true” nature in season two, which is to help out even when he doesn’t feel like it. He gets on board with Dustin and then in protecting the kids; he helps out Jonathan and Nancy. He wants love from Nancy, and feels hurt when she rejects him at the party, since he thought everything was all right. His 3 wing makes him competitive and want to be seen as the best. As a 3, he denies problems and mistakes, wanting to brush them aside and not be held responsible for them (“Nancy… don’t tell the police we had beer”).