Lucas is the most objective and opinionated of the boys, often pointing to irrefutable facts to form his conclusions (“We saw them drag his body out of the water! He’s DEAD!”). He is unwilling to believe half-assed theories (and often sneers at Dustin for being ‘impractical’). He works “like a man” to get the money he spends at the arcade, unlike Dustin, who shakes out the couch cushions. Lucas doesn’t accept El’s powers until he sees her use them, and argues for rationality and common sense. When the other boys want to go off half cocked, Lucas demands a plan of action. He trusts the evidence external sources (science books, game rules, and compasses) give him, and has a tendency to shoot down, correct, and boss around his friends. He isn’t in favor of El becoming part of the group, since it changes their friendship too much from what he’s comfortable with, but once he sees how she changed everything in semi-positive ways, he’s open to the idea of including Max in the group. His comments about behaving ‘like a man’ suggest he has preset conceptions about what manly behavior is like, based on archetypes (real men work for a living, and provide for their families). Lucas is skeptical of anything too farfetched or ‘out there,’ but his repeated exposure to the monsters from the Upside Down make him more willing to embrace their new reality. He speculates endlessly about El and her connection to all the ‘weird stuff’ happening around town, and is often correct in his conclusions (that she is partly responsible for what’s going on; she has been messing with their compasses / magnetic field). He does change his mind about her, after she proves loyal. His inferior Fi shows in his unwillingness to compromise, when Mike attempts to reconcile after their argument (or tries to argue him into a different Ghostbusters uniform), and in his awkward courtship of Max (he bonds through shared ‘facts’).

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Lucas is the skeptic of the group. The very first time he sets sights on El, he doesn’t trust her and actively tries to push her out of their group, feeling she should not be included and urging others to distrust her also (his so-blind spot instantly distrusts “outsiders”). He is anxious, reactive, and cautious, urging his friends to be more careful, arguing with logical reasoning (they just pulled Will’s body from the lake; he’s dead) and approaching each situation with logic. But he can also be emotionally explosive / reactive and refuse to go along with the group, being a contrarian who is keen to develop relationships when HE is the one finding her (his sx being attracted to Max and drawing her into his confidence). His 5 is self-reliant, trusting his own instincts and fears over anyone else’s.