Functional Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Not easily insulted, Max turns their creepy spying on her into a joke (“Stalker!”). She rationalizes (silently in her mind) that it’s now or never, in getting the upper hand over her brother; she threatens his physical safety when he’s down and out if he should ever hurt her or her friends again. Max does not believe the “crazy” stuff Lucas tells her until she sees it with her own eyes; she cannot accept it as being real until then. She proves herself as naturally as good as, or better than, the boys, when she sails into town on her skateboard and promptly dominates them at the Arcade. Her rough and tumble attitude shows in her lack of attention to socializing with the ‘girls’ in the school, in favor of hanging out with her ‘stalkers.’ When they lock Max out of a room, she picks the lock. She’s the first to notice a demigorgon peering through the roof. She refuses to be left behind when danger appears around the bend; she wants to be up front and center, if not behind the wheel. Max’s opportunism comes in handy when she’s the only person to step forward and help Steve; she jams a needle in her brother’s neck, knocks him unconscious, steals his keys and leads them all on a distract and destroy mission. Max uses the present moment to threaten her brother, and ensure a better future for all of them; she tends to be somewhat fearful of what ‘might happen’ in the future. Her inferior Fe shows in her touch-and-go relationship to her feelings – she neither aggressively tries to become part of a group nor wants to be outside one. She is clearly bothered that Mike does not want to include her, or even talk to her, and tries to charm him into liking her (“I could be that too, see?”). She likes to be part of the ‘gang.’

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Max lives in fear of her older brother’s bullying tendencies and violence. She is cautious and skeptical as a result. When Lucasa tells her the truth about their adventures of the previous summer, she dismisses it as bunk until he can prove some element of it is true. She also doesn’t like it that Mike is not keen on her, and tries through repeated attempts to get him to warm up to her, by showing she is playful and not a threat. She adopts a tough stance toward the boys, but only shows aggression when necessary and when she has the upper hand. She can take an “against” stance, when she recruits El into ignoring Mike for a few days, recruiting her into the idea that boys suck and who needs ’em? She shows more of a her 5 wing in season four, when she withdraws from and rejects all of her friends in order to process Billy’s death — and doesn’t tell anyone about her nightmares, assuming she can do something about them herself.