Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

El refuses to do anything that conflicts with her sense of right and wrong; she will not harm a cat when asked to by Papa, nor does she approve of the actions of the ‘special’ gang in the big city. Once she chooses Mike as a friend, she sticks by and protects him and the other kids, even when it hurts or drains her emotionally and physically. She never lectures anyone on moral behavior, but never compromises, either. She forms an intense bond with Mike right away. Her conflict with Hopper revolves around his inability to meet her emotional needs, and her anger that he stifles her from being authentic to her true self, because he will not allow her out of the house (“it’s too dangerous”). She adapts quickly to her environment, and is fearless in engaging with it; she catches rides with total strangers and trusts them. El doesn’t hesitate to leap in and take charge with her powers – she sometimes reacts violently and in the moment, without thought for the long-term consequences’ of her actions, to satisfy some immediate urge (stealing from the market because she’s hungry, breaking a boy’s arm for threatening her friends). El throws major-class tantrums that rock the literal house. Her quick reactions sometimes saves the boys (she prevents Mike from a deadly fall, flips a van into the path of oncoming traffic, and runs away when she feels threatened and unwanted). Her ability to see beyond this world into the next means that her mind trips take on a surreal quality. She becomes so lost in them, she forgets they are just a vision or echoes of a different plane of reality. El has an instinctive sense of what she “needs” to do, which ultimately results in a tremendous act of self-sacrifice. Her inferior Te shows in her take-charge style under pressure, and how she logically knows she is the only person who can stop the Demigorgon, even if it kills her in the process; but her innocence and detachment from threats in the outside world means she takes risks, while trying to achieve things in the real life.

Enneagram: cp 6w5 sp/so

El is cautious and distrustful of others, suspicious of their motives and afraid they might lead her into danger, but she asserts herself against her fear through reacting with strength as a defense mechanism. She becomes openly combative with Hopper due to his restraints on her life (not allowing her to see Mike, whom she has bonded / merged with) and reacts by setting out to discover the truth of her parents. Her 5 wing makes her further withdrawn and able to trust her own reasoning, although she still feels happiest when among her friends. As a counter phobic, she reacts strongly to being controlled and asserts herself frequently with Hopper, demanding he respect her and bucking his authority; she is also quick to defend others and protect them from bullies.