Liz is a prolific writer who wants to change the world with her words. She has become bored in her marriage and nondescript life, and only comes alive when she tours the world. But she takes such an abstract interest in self-betterment, it is difficult for her to quiet her mind and learn to be fully present. She thinks in her own way, and reaches her own conclusions about what is most important to her, and most valued to her. Since she feels strongly about commitment, Liz initially feels qualms about the idea of abandoning her husband despite no longer feeling stimulated within their union. She has to work to put aside how others feel about her, and is good at getting others to open up. She tells her friends, flat out, that she doesn’t care how much weight she gains, this is a self-exploration adventure… and they should not care either. Liz is warm and welcoming to others, but also focused on her own development and needs. She is proactive and decisive, but also assertive in how she flat out tells people off who make her angry. Her Te leaves their heads reeling, whenever she’s mad about anything. In India, she struggles to sit still and focus, instead finding herself easily distracted by the world around her. Though she makes the choice to leave her husband and travel, Liz is at first reluctant to leave her “comfortable but boring” life. It’s a routine she has fallen into, a safe place where her Si has rooted itself. Once she opens herself up to the outside world, she experiences more and more things that allow her to expand her thinking and gain personal experience. But she still, ultimately, seeks a place to “belong.”

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

She is the embodiment of a 7—always wanting more, coveting the world outside, craving new experiences, indulging in rich foods, wanting to have pleasurable experiences, and see the world. Liz only comes alive when she has a frequent change of scenery, when she can meet new people, taste new dishes, find new friends, even find a new lover. She feels stifled and boring in her old life, and throws it all away to pursue what makes her happy. Liz doesn’t want to face the nasty part of herself through introspection; she finds it almost impossible to sit down and just think or to quiet her mind, since she has the 7 “busy brain.” Her 6 wing, however, feels most rooted in what she knows best, and in not wanting others to dislike her for her choices. She needs harmony in the world around her, or she feels off-balance.