Willoughby is a hands-on opportunist, who “wastes no time” finding the prettiest girl in the district and zeroing in on her as a suitable companion for fun. He loves high-living and enjoyment, complaining when Brandon postpones the picnic and blaming him for not wanting pleasure in his life. He careens around, dangerously, in his High-Flyer and the locals complain he is reckless and drives them off the road. He likes to be out and about, doing things with Marianne. He also seduces and then abandons Brandon’s ward once he loses interest in her, and has no real interest in commitment to a “woman of no fortune.” His extravagant lifestyle and tendency to live in the moment leads him deeply into debt, prompting him to abandon love in favor of practicality; he would rather have those luxuries and a lifestyle he desires most than live in poverty with Marianne. When confronted with the brutal facts of life, Willoughby abandons his emotions to make a purely tactical and logical decision. His ability to analyze people enables him to sense their intentions and desires and cater to them. He can be frank in his appraisal of others, and often makes flippantly insulting remarks (“Some people cannot bear a party of pleasure”). Once his aunt disinherits him for impregnating and abandoning a girl, Willoughby knows he must land a wealthy woman who won’t care about his past, and successfully finds and seduces one into considering him an agreeable partner. Though charming and accomplished, Willoughby admits to Elinor he intended merely to toy with Marianne for his own amusement but then fell in love. He expresses free contempt for his wife, who married him knowing his faults. He believes he can understand Elinor’s feelings despite not sharing them. He is upset at the thought that all the Dashwoods think badly of him, and comes to try and apologize as well as persuade them into feeling sorry for his situation. His instinctive sense of who Marianne is and what she likes enables him to bring her gifts that suit her taste, discuss poetry with her, and tap into her idealism… but he is less an idealist than a pragmatist. Willoughby cannot bear envisioning a future devoid of pleasure.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/sx

Willoughby has an almost effortless ability to adapt to any situation; around Marianne, sensing her romantic, twee side, he becomes all about poets and romantic beliefs, as a way to appeal to her. He calculates how to intrigue and romance her, by doing the things she would like (swiping wildflowers from “an obliging field”). But like many 3s, he does not want to face up to his mistakes (he flees from all his moral obligations) or admit anything was his fault (others have used him ill) or allow his personal feelings to get in the way of achievement. When forced to marry for money, he does just that, although he “may regret it later.” His 2 wing is seductive, animated, and able to read what others want and need from him, to win them over through generous attention, romantic gestures, and affection.