Marianne asserts many times that she does not care for the opinions of those she dislikes, but would hate to disappoint Elinor the most. Marianne cannot fake any emotion that is not genuine, so her moods are displayed in her actions. She says Elinor cannot know the depth of her feeling. She forms a strong silent bond of understanding with Willoughby, to the extent where she claims to “know him better than anyone else in the world, save you and Mama.” Marianne mourns her lost love in silence. Her sharp tongue leads her into peril at times, as she insults Fanny or states her feelings in strong terms, as well as berates those who mistreat her or her sisters. Marianne is frequently driven to action in pursuit of what she wants, leaping on the chance to visit London, since she sees that as a clear way to meeting Willoughby again. As she gets older, she begins to see the practicality of stability instead of romantic ideals, though eventually her union with Brandon does bring her personal happiness. Marianne is discontent with Edward, because he has not enough “unique thoughts” to suit her. She seeks intellectualism in her companions, and enjoys Brandon because he is “the sort of person with whom someone can have an intelligent conversation.”  Marianne tends toward romantic idealism, and is very excited by new possibilities. She cares little for convention, but also has a good sense of the general essence of others—Edward’s true feelings for Elinor, and so forth. Once learning Brandon has never left behind his first love, Marianne praises it as something wonderful, and “as it should be.” She understands how the world works (that men must marry for money, that morals must be upheld, that they have no claim to their father’s fortune) but holds contempt for them at the same time. Romantic archetypes (heroism, rescue, and masculinity) appeal to her on a basic level (inferior Si).

Enneagram: 4w3 sx/so

Marianne believes in her superior taste in everything, in being different, and finding someone else who shares her singular conviction that everything should be romantic, tragic, and meaningful. She wants wildflowers, not hot house flowers! Everything for Marianne is a tempest of intense emotions – she can be beyond ecstasy one moment, and in the depths of tragic despair in the next, owing to her 3 wing which projects her feelings out into the world. She shares each emotion that comes over her, in colorful intensity, going so far as to walk miles through the rain to stand upon a hillside and lament what she has lost. Marianne under stress can be clingy and over-involved in her relationships, but as she matures, Marianne starts to integrate into 1 – being more objective about her relationships, and choosing someone (Brandon) more stable to focus her intense need to connect to someone on.