Edward carries the weight of responsibility and “duty” strongly on his shoulders. He is well aware of convention and tries to stay within it, even to the extent of his own increasing unhappiness. He respects others’ need for constancy and seeks it himself, in practical terms. Edward has a steady and gentle presence, able to sense what is appropriate to the situation and strive to make others comfortable in the environment. He is very good at reassuring others, attending to their feelings, and ensuring that everyone in the room is in a good place emotionally—when he is at his best. His desire to please also leads him into an engagement he cannot break, out of fear for her feelings. He longs to explain himself and his actions, and it baffles him that Elinor is so forgiving of his choices – because from an objective ethical stance, he has deceived her. His need to understand Elinor leads him to ask questions of her, and seek sincerity in his words, which are chosen with care. His rationality leads him to accept a parish position when his hopes for financial security are dashed. Elinor assesses situations and individuals and comes to quick compromises and solutions to improve the situation (soothing Margaret about her pony with Fe, then inviting her to ride on the back of his horse). Since he tends to live primarily in the moment, Edward cannot foresee what consequences his engagement to Lucy will cause as the years wear on; he becomes more and more miserable, caught between the many possibilities of his future in an unhappy marriage, and his desire for a life with Elinor.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Edward has a nice, calm air about him. He comes into a house in mourning and reminds his sister to be more careful with her words. He diffuses others’ distress with quiet reassurances and gentle compassion. He finds himself reflecting the emotions of those around him and responding to their needs – which is how Lucy Steele convinced him he was in love, and he is so dead-set-against letting her down now and doing the “wrong” thing by jilting her that he cannot forsake the engagement unless she breaks it off, even though his feelings have changed (his 1 wing). He does not want to disrupt his relationship with Elinor by telling her the truth, and finds it uncomfortable to be around them and propagate the lie.