Elinor has a great awareness of how the world works, and how to accomplish things within it (she reminds Margaret that girls cannot inherit, that their brother does in fact own the house, that they must rely on good marriages to make ends meet). She sees potential in the environment and orients it to make it more comfortable for herself and others (one of the first things she says upon coming to the cottage is that with a few fires, it will be “very cozy”). Elinor forms a strong attachment to Edward, and holds onto those feelings and sentiments despite a change in situation and environment.  When her mother expects to move on as if nothing has happened, Elinor points out that they must think very differently now; they cannot afford even the gatehouse of the residence her mother is considering. When Margaret expresses her fear of wolves, Elinor reminds her that “there have been no wolves in England for a hundred years.” When Marianne wants to accept the gift of a horse from Willoughby, Elinor points out the expense and argues both her mother and Marianne into common sense (they accommodate on everything, and cannot afford it). She meets every need with practicality and efficiency. She warns Marianne to let no one know how she is feeling, something she is good at concealing herself. Elinor is deeply emotional and madly in love with Edward, but able to conceal that fact from everyone who does not know her intimately. She endures Lucy’s torments for months without saying a word to anyone. Only when Edward is free to marry her do her true feelings emerge. Elinor does not confide in others easily. When Willoughby unexpectedly abandons them, Elinor’s thoughts turn to dark possibilities – that his aunt disapproves, that he is using Marianne amiss, that more is apparent than first meets the eye, but she has no set speculations. She only realizes the truth of him when Brandon supplies her with the details (inferior Ne).

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Eleanor focuses on repressing her intense emotions; when her heart is broken, she does not tell anyone about her inner turmoil, though “I could have displayed a broken heart.” She focuses on Edward as a perfect partner, investing all her time and attention into him, and in trying to subtly help her sister become a more responsible person. She has a secret inner torrent of feeling, which emerges when she’s overwhelmed with the truth that she can now marry Edward (she bursts into tears, at last letting down her defenses and showing true happiness). She is both critical of Edward’s decisions, and able to forgive him – her 2 wing can see his desire to be faithful, and forgive his human weakness in being sucked into a proposal he does not want.