Midge is a hard working, intelligent woman who “knew I wanted at six, and twelve, and sixteen!” and… got it through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. She barters and negotiates to get ahead (to get her husband decent spots at the night club, she bakes and trades briskets) and is horrified when she discovered her husband steals his comedy routine from another comedian instead of writing it himself. She takes tons of notes on self-improvement and tries to construct her routines (and his) based on statistics. But when stumped on how to write a routine, she hires and pays another man to do it for her. When her husband leaves her, rather than having an enormous emotional breakdown in front of him, she states the obvious (“That’s my suitcase; you’re leaving me taking my suitcase?”). Up until her husband leaves her, Midge is safe and content in her routine, right down to mirroring her mother’s “night makeup” methods (get up after he goes to sleep, roll her hair, put on night cream, then wake up ahead of him, take out the curlers, take off the night cream, apply makeup, and pretend to be sleeping so he thinks she wakes up looking gorgeous), weekly baking briskets to trade for better positions at the night club, attending garden parties, etc. She’s meticulous about her house, detailed in everything, and somewhat traditional (“it’s taken us five years to get the rabbi!”) but uses her zany Ne to poke fun in everything, to flip things around and mock them in her comedy routines, to come up with rapid comebacks, and to amuse the people around her through offensive, crass humor and opportune foul language. She embraces new ideas readily but expects to put them to work for her. Her inferior Fi shows in her lack of awareness for his feelings, or how others may perceive them based on her no-holds-barred comedy routine, that she only expresses herself emotionally under intense stress, and when drunk, becomes belligerent and defiant of the authorities. She refuses to lie or change her act to “soften the truth,” especially if it expresses her feelings, and is rather immune to external criticism (when someone yells, “You’re a dumb bitch,” she quips, “Who told you?!”).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Midge is very focused on her image, how she comes across to others, and on her ambitions. She’s annoyed to be taken off the makeup counter, because she naturally knows the best way to do things, and does not conceal her desire to work her way back up into a position of importance within the department store. She’s competitive and sometimes aggressive, also focused on putting on a good front for others, and angry when her life doesn’t turn out as she had planned. Her 2 wing makes her eager to volunteer to help others (“I must throw you a baby shower!”) and proactive in keeping her family “together.”