Susie sees and acts on logical potential within the environment, such as when she sees Midge’s unskilled set and decides to turn her into a comedian. She knows they can make “big bucks” with enough of a break and some hard work. Whenever she has a problem to confront, she finds a logical “fix” even if that includes buying a cheap plunger and walking around an expensive summer camp for a week, pretending to be the “hired help.” Though she feels loyal to Midge, she also knows she can’t make a living earning fifty bucks a month, so she agrees to take on another client, even though this one made Midge’s life hell, just for a paycheck and so she can “do damage control.” When told off by the client’s lawyers, she finds a loophole that allows her to still manage this person while not stepping on any legal toes. See it, do it. That’s her motto. Susie manages to get Midge into various clubs. She finds her opportunities wherever she looks. She chases after things with fierce determination and a “can do” attitude. When others tell her that Midge needs a “an ask,” something weird that sets her apart as a star, she tries out various ideas and comes up with a room full of yellow teddy bears. Susie is observant and reactive, willing to literally break a door down if necessary to get what they’re owed. She immediately saw Midge’s future potential and wants to exploit it. She likes to think about their eventual success, though she mostly lives in the here and now. Susie can become negative or fatalistic under stress. Susie has a very low Fe – she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, and doesn’t think about their feelings… like, ever, but she still feels insulted from time to time. She can be argumentative and attention-seeking whenever she feels in some way wronged.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sp/sx

Though Susie is tough-talking, confrontational, and insulting, it’s all to cover up her insecurities about… well, everything. She puts on a tough-girl act but whenever she’s confronted by someone stronger than she is, Susie folds, becomes apologetic, insists nothing is actually wrong, and retreats out of a fear of genuine threats or conflict. She doesn’t like to bicker with Midge on a serious level, but is also critical of her “terrible” sets. She can be brutally honest when something goes wrong, and anxious when forced to make premature decisions. As a counter-phobic, she attacks whatever she is afraid of, with the result that she isn’t that likable—her tendency to rush in and accuse people sometimes puts them off. Her 7 wing is open to new experiences and quickly falls in love with the high stakes of the casino, especially when she wins. She’d rather pull out her own fingernails than talk about her problems.