Marion is an opportunist. She uses her lunch breaks to sneak away to a motel with a her boyfriend. When forty thousand dollars lands on her desk and her boss asks her to take it to the night deposit, Marion sees it as the answer to her and her boyfriends’ financial problems and steals it. She drives out of town, intent on getting a three day head start before her boss notices its absence and calls the cops. Knowing they will trace her car, she trades it in for a new one. She makes a rational assumption (taking the money could solve all my problems) that she backs up with clear-headed reasoning… except that she is so nervous, she makes herself looks suspicious in the process. Staying on the back roads, trading in her car, and even concealing the money in a newspaper in her room before she has dinner with Norman are all sound logical thinking. She knows they will start looking for her, and the best way to avoid swift detection is to trade in her car. Though her boss’ client makes very overt overtures to her in the office, Marion does not seem to mind — taking it all in stride as being how the world works. She lacks an internal moral system and it’s only fear of discovery that makes her decide to go home and make things right. She cannot stand being in a secret relationship, and tells her lover that she wants to do things properly, and have him come visit her, and eat dinner with herself and her sister, beneath her mother’s portrait. Marion wants to legitimize their relationship. She pops into the Bates Motel when a rainstorm comes up and decides to spend the night. Only then does Marion start thinking in the long term, about being on the run, possibly going to jail, and whether she can “fix” this before it ruins her future.

Enneagram: 6w7 sx/sp

Marion lives a normal, rather safe life (apart from her love affair) before chance drops a lot of money into her lap. And almost instantly after she has taken it, she starts worrying about the consequences. She isn’t even out of town before her boss sees her, and she starts thinking about whether he’s suspicious about her reasons for leaving work early. She seems to trust and distrust the wrong people in the wrong order, due to her anxiety. She trusts her boyfriend and is loyal to him, to the point of stealing for him, though he’s given her no indication he wants a long-term committed relationship. She acts suspicious in front of the police, and stupidly knee-jerk reacts by trading in her car right in front of him, then almost driving away without her suitcase. Norman seems safe, so she trusts him… to her own downfall. 6s “either trust too much, or not enough. Never just right.” Marion’s 7 wing is visibly nervous, extroverted, and proactive, engaging with the outside world to accomplish things.