Nash is ruthlessly logical, but also more interested in mathematics for its own beautiful sake than the teaching of it; he neglects teaching his college class to explore his own theories and expound upon his ideas. He likes to poke holes in the established theories, such as when he illustrates to his “friends” that going after the blonde will ensure none of them get her, because it will insult her friends to be thought of as a “second pick”; if they want to all get dates, none of them should approach the prettiest girl in the group. Though initially resistant to believing his mind creates alternative hallucinations, Nash wraps his head around it once he recognizes none of his hallucinations ever “age.” Nash believes he can control his schizophrenia if he can just find a “hack” within his mind to accomplish it, by controlling his own mental process. Though he comes to school intent on making something of himself, he skips class and instead tries to come up with various theories in the hope of writing an impressive, world-altering paper. Doing so, prevents his brain from the kind of Ne stimulation that it needs; as a result, Nash is scattered, unfocused, and busy thinking on several different tracks at once, scribbling his various equations all over the library windows. Once he allows himself human interaction, his Ne thrives – he becomes far more clear headed and intent on what he wants to write about. He easily figures out a complex code system for a local secret service agency, simply by staring at the numbers for long enough that he comprehends it is “latitude and longitude” coordinates. Nash studies extensively, going in detail into the things he loves, as well as settles easily into a repetitive environment, although he dislikes the “educational” aspect of his career. His inferior Fe shows in his difficulty interacting with people; he arrogantly assumes he has a superior intellect, that they are beneath him, and that he has to go through “cultural niceties” to get what he really wants, which is sex. Nash asks his future wife if they have done enough of them, to actually get down to business. He neither understands his own emotions, nor excessively respects them in other people, although as he matures, he comes to understand the benefits of common human kindness.

Enneagram: 5w4 so/sp

Nash’s massive ego causes the other students to habitually dislike him or mock him; he doesn’t have time nor interest in social activities, he isolates himself, he works long hours, and he is incredibly arrogant in his belief that most people are beneath him and he can learn nothing from them. He ruthlessly tears apart the other students’ theories. Nash is obsessed with making a name for himself, and impressing the mathematical world. His hallucinations and mental illness contribute to him creating scenarios in which he is “saving the day” by doing impressive undercover work for the government. His 4 wing is elitist and feels different from others; isolated, misunderstood, and rejected. Once the truth of his illness comes out, Nash refuses to appear in public. He no longer goes on campus, out of shame of what others must think of him. He becomes compliant, unhappy, and unmotivated, inclined to lose himself in his 5ish inner world of fantasy.