Cassian is a capable thinker while doing things; he improvises when sending out his team to recover the Death Star plans, and in how he and Jyn grab the files. He is logical and exacting, sometimes critical and anticipatory. Cassian accepts they are on a suicide mission and about to die. Though known for following orders, he improvises based on his instincts–he changes his mind on the platform, and does not kill Jyn’s father as ordered. He thinks his way through problems, always with the desire to serve the greater good of the community. He confesses he has spent his life “running away from things I would rather forget.” Jyn offends him,  because he has “spent my entire life fighting this battle.” He infers she doesn’t know anything about it, not having lived through it. He sees and acts on potentials within the environment, knowing their immediate impact. Cassian is observant and quick to react, figuring out how to use the machine that fetches the files, then climbing up the outside of it, noticing troops coming up the stairs, and sheltering Jyn from enemy fire, ultimately causing him to fall to his “almost death.” Cassian listens to his instincts and doesn’t kill someone he was told to; he knows he can trust Jyn, even though she has not proven herself, after a brief interaction. He works toward achieving an ultimate goal (freedom in the galaxy).

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Cassian does not want Jyn, a complete stranger and a criminal, to have a blaster, but does allow her to keep her weapon knowing she may need it to defend herself. His superiors trust him, because he’s shown himself to be a competent and faithful team leader who doesn’t take major risks and also follows orders. He wants to scout ahead and take careful steps forward, rather than rushing in by the seat of his pants. Under pressure, he becomes courageous and reactive, laying his life on the line to see the Death Star plans uploaded. His 7 wing does not like pain and keeps going to avoid his problems, finding ways to distract himself through engagement with the outside world. Cassian wants a certain amount of freedom and adventure.