Jyn has an intense relationship with the sensory environment, and can be brash and self-confident in using it. When someone shows up to “rescue her” from the transport, she uses it as an excuse to make an escape attempt—and would have made it if not for the robot. She’s grounded, quick to react, and to take the initiative—leading a dangerous suicide mission to recover her father’s plans for the Death Star, improvising when the machine quits working, and climbing up to retrieve the file herself. She performs a risky “run” on a platform to fix the satellite so they can broadcast the plans to the ships in the atmosphere above them. She is totally calm about interacting in intense environments, and judges things based on the moment. She trusts her dad because she “knows” him; it’s a sense in her gut. Jyn saves a child she doesn’t know from being blown up, risking her life in the process. She doesn’t moralize at anyone, and her rousing speech is more of a “we’ll keep taking chances until there are no more,“ instead of a unifying Fe-moment. Jyn doesn’t care about the Resistance, until she has a personal stake in it (she confesses it’s not hard to put up with problems across the empire, as long as you don’t “look up” at the Galactic flag). She’s a no-nonsense doer, who is comfortable issuing and taking orders. She comes up with rational reasons as to why they should steal the plans. She doesn’t stop to over-think anything, instead simply acting for the swiftest, best possible results. Jyn keeps her emotions contained for the most part, and focuses on what she “has” to do. Her hunches guide her once in awhile; she realizes the true intentions of Cassian to kill her father on the platform. She directs her focus to a single outcome, for the greater good.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Jyn is a competent “troublemaker” who winds up in prison for her antics. She does not like to be confined or told what she can and cannot do. Unlike the rest of her team, she maintains an optimistic attitude, rousing them to a similar cause, and believing in the end result. Jyn is a capable motivator of people, able to urge them to have faith in a positive outcome. She sometimes laughs and jokes around with the boys, and does bend to authority when necessary… but more often confidently and skillfully assesses situations and takes charge, challenging the authorities on their decisions and providing alternate possibilities, by taking a dangerous mission on herself. She is tough and no-nonsense, reminding Cassian if they are going to a dangerous place she needs a “weapon” and promising not to shoot him with it.