Anakin’s incredible reflexes allow him, as a child, to win the pod race and to pilot an unknown ship, destroying the enemy in the process. He has no hesitation in climbing into an unknown ship and quickly figuring out how to use it to target enemy fighters. He immediately takes to his Jedi training and is skilled at it. Anakin adapts to his environment and uses it to his advantage. He lives passionately in the moment, seizing opportunities without much forethought or planning. This includes his desire to be with Padme in a romantic way, despite the Jedi being forbidden from human or sexual relationships. He strongly wants to be identified for his own accomplishments and as an individual, not as a “slave,” or a “Jedi,” but as Anakin Skywalker. Rather than adhere to the traditions of the Jedi, Anakin follows his heart – both for good and ill. He is charming and personable, able to love deeply and draw others to him. His tendency to act on his emotions leads him to take a wife and avenge what he sees as wrongs. Anakin refuses to repress his emotions, which inevitably leads him to the Dark Side.Everything Anakin does is for a purpose – he doesn’t care how things work, only in making them work for him, to accomplish his goals. He builds a pod racer with the intention of racing in it – he does, and wins. He dreams and strives as a child to become a Jedi – and he does. Anakin sets out to seduce Padme – and succeeds. He follows through on all his plans, both for good and evil. In times of stress, Anakin becomes overly suspicious and distrusting of others based on very small pieces of information. He takes the information Palpatine gives him, and forms an internal vision of what he must do to thwart it and save Padme’s life. As a child, Anakin figures out one major goal for his life – become a Jedi – and pursues it. His inferior Ni shows up most strongly in his increasing paranoia and suspicion, as he sinks further into the Dark Side.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sx/so

Though as a child, we first and foremost see his playful, adventurous, and fun-seeking 7 wing, Anakin is at his heart and soul terrified of losing the people he cares most about. His fears related to his nightmares / premonitions about losing Padme cause him to turn to Emperor Palpatine for reassurance – someone outside himself, in whom he can place his faith and trust. Anakin trusts him wholeheartedly, and loses his soul in the process. He is so desperate to save his wife, he blindly does whatever the emperor  tells him will help him succeed. At his worst, Anakin becomes distrustful even of Padme, and accuses her of working against him, as he spirals into a counter-phobic 6’s endless anxiety about abandonment and betrayal. His 7 wing is playful and adventurous; he enjoys Pod Racing and does not feel that the normal rules apply to him – so though he is loyal to his friends, he balks at the Jedi Council’s attempts to “control him” and does what he wishes.