Padmé doesn’t like it when plans change. She doesn’t enjoy deviating from their intended route, nor does she enjoy surprises. Her awareness of the unchanging aspects of the Republic allow her to be a good diplomat, devoted to ensuring the continued success of their government. She trusts shared experiences, with the belief that if a tactic worked in the past, it will work again. Her insistence on accompanying Qui-Gon into the city is for the purpose of gathering information, so she can have a clearer picture of what is actually going on. Later, when dealing with Anakin’s emotions, she asks him to confide in her, so she has all the facts. Though firm in her beliefs and attentive to her duties, Padmé has a romantic side that allows her to fall in love with Anakin. She devotes her entire life to service in the name of her people. Her concern is for their welfare, to the extent that she is willing to sacrifice some of her happiness to ensure their survival. She has a warm and giving nature, and freely expresses her concerns, fears, and affections. If she doesn’t like something, though she uses tact, Padmé still expresses her displeasure. Though initially resistant to Anakin’s advances, his persistence wins her over and she consents to marry him. Others’ opinions matter to her, and she worries about what the Jedi will think of Anakin if they learn the truth. Though she has no personal stake in the affairs of other races, Padmé often champions their rights, demanding equal treatment of them before the Senate. She sees herself as the voice for the voiceless. But her inferior Ti struggles to find objectivity when it comes to Anakin. She clings to an idealistic desire to believe the best in him, based on her romantic feelings toward him, and it is incomprehensible to her that he has “changed” so much. She is reluctant to put aside her former life and embrace a new one. Padmé is optimistic toward the future, but also, because her intuition is her weak spot, unable to discern the truth about Anakin until it is too late.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Padmé has chosen a life in service to others, and continually shifts aside her personal desires and goals to be useful in the Senate. She undertook her social responsibilities at a very young age. Though she initially resists Anakin’s advances out of what people might think, eventually she gives in to her feelings toward him, and then does all she can to protect and serve him, even concealing their secret marriage out of fear of what others might think. She is highly opinionated, and likes to take control under stressful situations – becoming angry with Qui-Gon for deviating from their chosen route and taking chances with her life. Her 1 wing is principled and focus on doing what is right. It makes her duty-oriented, but also reluctant to give in to Anakin’s advances. She talks to him about his duty to the Jedi order, and wants to obey the “rules.” Fearful of breaking them, she conceals the truth of their relationship. Eventually, out of horror in realizing Anakin has slaughtered a temple full of children, Padmé rejects him.