Darth Vader is meticulous; he searches through information and ideas one by one, in order to come up with the correct answer. His fighting technique, both in the air and on the ground, reveals careful study and practice; he does not take big risks, is systematical in how he takes out his adversaries, uses techniques that have worked more than once, and seems somewhat detached from his environment. (Unlike Luke, he doesn’t adapt to and use it in his defense.) Though he knows that Palpatine’s techniques are not working in his attempts to suppress the Resistance, Vader does not deliberately move against him in a power grab, possibly because he cannot foresee all conclusions and plan accordingly. But he does see the potential in what he might accomplish with Luke at his side, and tries to persuade him to come to the Dark Side. He is comfortable making decisions and issuing orders. He does his job, and does it well. He always goes for the most logical solution to his problems, and uses objective logic and careful planning when preparing to deal with the Rebels. He has a high standard he expects from those under his command and is not afraid to enforce the rules. Vader also understands that the Empire is not “working” … and when Luke appears, he makes a bid with him to join him, so they can “rule the Empire together.” He taunts Luke with threats toward Leia to increase his rage, in an attempt to bring him to the Dark Side (a logical choice, for a planned purpose).His strong bond to his son cannot be denied and is in the end what saves Luke, and Vader from total darkness. He is detached and unemotional enough to have little concern for the fate of his underlings, but when it comes to someone he truly values… his son, Vader rediscovers his love and acts to defend his family. He is quick to sense connections, but uses the Force to do so more than instinctive knowing.

Enneagram: cp 6w5 so/sp

Vader is loyal almost to a fault, to the emperor. He has taken on the Dark Side and the Empire as a protective system against the outside world, and is militant in defending it. He shows the 6’s tendency to find and cling to a logical external system, as well as their protectiveness over it. He is rational, detached, and analytical, not wanting to take too many risks in his decisions and often using force as a show of power and intimidation. His 5 wing detaches from his emotions, is further introverted, and inward focused, trusting himself to come to decisions. Vader turns on his master when it becomes apparent that the emperor intends to harm his son – unable to tolerate that, he breaks free of the emperor’s control and sacrifices his life to save Luke.