Luke has a passionate need to be true to himself. Though he agrees to help out on the farm, he is forever hinting at his desire to leave home, so he can follow his own dreams. Not being able to follow them makes him unhappy. Luke cares about the people closest to him, and is kind, but tends to react emotionally to most situations, causing him to be argumentative and quarrelsome whenever frustrated with himself, others, or the world around him. Luke wants to see the good in others, but isn’t above making moral judgments based on his own strong system of beliefs and inner values. His judgment against his nephew turned Ben against him, causing the downfall of the new Jedi temple. Rather than face the others after this failure, Luke runs away and lives alone on an island, showing his preference for nursing his emotions. Luke feels things deeply, but doesn’t always show them on the surface (he doesn’t cry around the others when losing his surrogate parents). He is good at noticing opportunities for action in the world around him; his awareness of his environment helps him be able to easily fix machines, and find immediate solutions to problems (like shooting out control panels to prevent doors from opening), but also makes him reckless and impulsive. Luke tends to rush into things without fully thinking them through first. He relies so much on his own instincts and physical responses that Obi-Wan and Yoda must teach him to rely more on the force, and less on his natural abilities. Once the Jedi show him how to use the force, Luke catches on fairly quickly and starts to place more emphasis on accepting the mystical things he cannot understand. Even before recognizing the force in himself, Luke feels a pull toward a greater destiny than he has at home, and spends much time reflecting on his desire to go out and do something with his life. He is distrustful of the force at first, even though he unconsciously makes use of it. He tends to be rather disorganized and rarely plans anything, but is very insistent on acting on his beliefs and decisions. Luke finds it hard to keep a schedule and attend to the facts of his training process, but as he matures, he becomes more interested in controlling his environment and thinking through the consequences of his actions.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Even though Luke wanted to go away and have adventures at a young age, he continued to stifle his anger about it and stay at home, working faithfully for his aunt and uncle until their death made him unable to live there anymore. Gentle, compassionate, and sweet, Luke also has a moralistic streak. He doesn’t attempt to stir up trouble, and tries to court Leia (before he knows she is his sister) in his own quiet, shy way.  He wants to do the right thing, and in his old age, becomes more self-assured in his opinion that his nephew could be trouble. This causes him to become so principled, he will not tolerate the Dark Side. After he fails to protect the children in the Jedi Temple, Luke goes away to a remote island and stays there for over a decade… absorbed in a life of calm, unruffled nothingness in the Force.