Han is an “act first, think later” type. His attentiveness to the world around him makes him a good fighter, and able to anticipate his enemies’ actions and shoot first. Han has no problem handling dangerous situations and even enjoys it to the extent that he continues running dangerous missions, smuggling, and proving that he’s smarter than the people hunting him. But his tendency to make fast decisions sometimes gets him into trouble with Jabba and other criminals. Han has very little interest in the force, or anything not tied to concrete reality. Han isn’t afraid to call foul on stupid ideas when he sees them. He is good at finding immediate, rational solutions to problems. He likes to tinker with his ship, and has made major “improvements” to its engine. He understands how the ship functions, and in understanding the “why,” he can figure out how to improve on the existing system. Han rarely explains his actions, and if he does, he chooses to express himself in as few words as possible. He is good at remaining impartial (except when bickering with Leia over his ship and… well, everything else) and making objective decisions. Though he pretends to care more about “number one” than he does helping the good guys, Han risks his life for people he barely knows. He warns the robots not to antagonize Chewbacca unless they want their arms torn off. He sometimes brings up his emotional responses to Leia (“I’m really starting to like her”). He is good at calming Chewbacca down when necessary. Mostly, though, he relies on his ability to “charm” people and appeal to their emotions to get himself out of trouble, which often backfires. He doesn’t need the force to catch on quickly to ideas, and how what Luke’s plan is before he says anything. He also likes to have a basic “plan,” and needs time alone and in silence to chart their course of action and anticipate future problems. But he tends to play it by ear, and majorly misjudges and miscalculates situations. He does have a keen knack for figuring out if people are being sincere, though (inferior Ni).

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Han runs away when things get hard; he admits in the sequels that whenever he and Leia had a fight, he left for months at a time – seeking freedom and distraction rather than face his feelings of failure, anger, or resentment. He has been running away from things his entire life, toward adventure and new experiences – a life as a bootlegger on the run, which satisfies his need for newness and constant stimulation. This, unfortunately, meant abandoning his son when Ben probably needed him most, since Han was never there for him, nor able to face or cope or deal with his son’s inner darkness. His 8 wing makes him aggressive, down to earth, and practical; he enjoys sparring with Lea and playing power games. Han wants to do the right thing under pressure from Leia, so he moves into 1-ish behaviors to help them, but his greatest growth comes as an old man, when he admits the role he played in his son’s downfall (growing into the self-analytical traits of a healthy 5).