Leia takes charge of every situation she finds herself in. She fires off orders and expects others to follow them. She always gets the job done, using the most obvious, most realistic, most logical solution – like shooting open a garbage hatch and leaping into it. She tends to mock Han’s “creative solutions” that to her do not make logical sense. Her criticisms are frank and objective. Leia thinks quickly, and takes action just as fast – whether that involves smuggling out plans for the Death Star in a robot or strangling Jabba. She holds to her beliefs with unwavering determination, and in doing so, inspires others to take similar action against their enemies. She often relies on hunches when assessing other people; right off the bat, though Han’s actions show him to be a man who runs from trouble, Leia asserts after his return that she “knew” there was more to him than that. She has a “bad feeling” about CP30’s absence being problematic in Cloud City, and her concerns about Lando not being trustworthy prove (in the short term) to be true. Her decisions tend to be made based on the larger picture—bringing down the Empire, heading up the Resistance, in the idea of a new, better galaxy. She can be a bit idealistic, particularly with regard to her children (“Bring him home, Han”). When they’re in trouble, Leia looks around—and acts on the opportunities available to her in her environment (“Into the garbage chute!”). She is known for taking tremendous risks, such as wanting to stay behind and give orders when an ice base is collapsing around her, or refusing to leave the Rebel base while the Death Star rounds the planetary curve. Leia isn’t comfortable talking about her feelings, so she uses actions and sarcasm to express them instead. She has very little patience for incompetence, but is fiercely loyal to the cause, and puts her whole life toward the pursuit of accomplishing something greater than herself (inferior Fi).

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sx

Leia is an assertive, opinionated woman, with few fears and a respect for others who show similar assertiveness and strength. She pulls away from her emotions and does not want to admit how much she cares about Han, deliberately showing him on several occasions that the opposite is true. As a social subtype, she can be provocative and rebellious, passionate in her convictions and driven in her focus, but also tends to have a protector mentality toward her people and fulfilling their needs. She is less risk-taking and more has a calm, deliberate presence to go along with her fierce views. She becomes more secretive and cautious when she’s stressed, especially in the sequels – disintegrating into 5 carefulness. Her 9 wing ‘steadies’ her and keeps her from pursuing hedonism for its own sake.