C-3PO enjoys a predictable routine at home. He wants to be of service, to have things “normal,” and to serve the purpose he was designed for. He trusts the unchangeable beliefs in society – service, honor, tradition, and acceptable forms of behavior. He continually seeks more information, so that he can have all the facts of a situation (facts that R2-D2 never give him!). He likes to reminisce about the past. At his best, C-3PO is eager to please, happy to adopt the new behaviors of his workplace, and delights in looking out for his charges. He recognizes the importance of “getting along” and “fitting in,” and enjoys the approval of the people around him. He forms strong bonds with some of them. At his worst, he frequently complains, worries about what other people will think about him (“my parts are showing?!”), and reprimands R2-D2 for not conforming. He is not very analytical, but in time learns to question things more. He primarily focuses this intense attention on R2-D2, in his desire to understand why he is behaving so strangely. C-3PO, however, never follows the logic to its full conclusion – he simply reverts back to his emotions in most situations. He is fearful of the many possibilities of the future (their death, incineration, the death of the people they love, the fall of the government, and so on), and is a reluctant participant in the smaller droid’s adventures.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

C-3PO is what you might call a “chronic worrywart.” He is obsessive about the ten thousand different ways any plan could go wrong, and isn’t afraid to bring it up in front of more idealistic or excited people. As a result, he is the naysayer of whatever group he is in. He fears making mistakes and being seen as inappropriate. He does not like being separated from his friends. Under stress, he disintegrates into 3 and is more proactive and hardworking in an effort to keep away his anxiety. C-3PO’s 7 wing makes him cautiously adventurous, as well as more extroverted in his declarations of woe. He turns frequently to others rather than determining a course of action for himself.