It’s Snoke’s vision guiding them; he envisions a future in which the New Order is supreme and the Resistance has been wiped out, but beyond that we know nothing of his larger intentions. He has a vision for Kylo, which he keeps forcing Kylo into through various mechanisms – as a child, working on his mind, as an adult, through the Force bond with Rey. His scarred appearance indicates that once, before he obtained total power, he was heavily involved in Sith battles and used his own light saber, but old age and power has made him inactive and lazy in his own defense, using his mind and the Force to act rather than his physical form (inferior Se). Snoke uses and manipulates people, playing them against one another and urging them to compete for his own amusement – he creates a rivalry between Kylo Ren and Hux, and enjoys berating one or both of them for their failures, humiliating them in front of their subordinates (such as when he slams Hux around the bridge after losing a battle), and mocking their feelings. His emotional manipulation of Kylo Ren, and his misunderstanding of the young man’s intentions (enjoying his anguish and feeding off his feelings, rather than analyzing him properly) leads to his downfall.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Snoke scorns and demeans Kylo Ren for operating out of his feelings. He is often cruel and harsh in his judgments, de-valuing and humiliating the boy in order to break him and mold him into what he wants for his life. He has a logical detachment that makes him arrogant, and causes him to revel in putting difficult choices in front of his subordinates. But his own lack of understanding of emotions causes his death, since he assumes Kylo Ren will prove more loyal to him than his love for Rey. His 9 wing shows in his sense of calm and disinterest in external engagement. Snoke conducts himself with detachment from the outer world. He never raises a weapon in his own defense, he merely sits upon his throne and has others interact with reality for him, choosing a life of “observation” and power behind the scenes.