Rose is a friendly, chatty girl who once she meets Finn, gushes about him as a hero of the Resistance and talks about how unhappy she was when she found people trying to escape in the rescue pods; she does not mind airing her feelings as things happen, all throughout the story, but does so with tact and a sense of larger responsibility not only toward the Resistance (she takes the idea of Finn abandoning them personally) but also toward every slave-child on the gambling planet. She saves Finn’s life because she figures out that the war will be won not by fighting against people you hate, “but FOR people we LOVE.” Her inferior Ti shows in how, when things go wrong, she turns to others and asks them what to do – she is happy to leap on and expound on their ideas, but is not good at coming up with plans herself. Her own experiences and family dynamics influence many of her decisions; she often references her own childhood experiences, and she takes her job very seriously. Rose takes Finn at face value at first, then quickly compares his behavior and attitude to everyone trying to abandon ship, and acts promptly to stop him. She is sensory, able to be hands on, and risk-taking, but also can build intuitive connections and change her mind quickly when presented with an opposing argument (Finn’s escape attempt is about saving someone; and it becomes a mission to save the Fleet!).

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Rose takes a certain pride in serving the Rebellion, and also takes her job seriously of guarding the escape pods. She is quick to leap into action when she thinks she can “save” the Fleet, by joining Finn in a dangerous operation to find someone capable of hacking into the enemy’s system and freeing them from the tracker. Rose has a deep desire for Finn’s love, and she expresses this in acts of service – being there for him, and even saving his life. Her 1 wing is principled, however, and not above sharing her disdain for people who look after only themselves or attempt to flee an intense situation. She believes in having duty and honor, and zaps him unconscious for attempting to steal an escape pod, an action she sees as “cowardice.”