General Hux’s management of Snoke’s forces on the ground, and in the air, is effortless. He is aggressive in his planning and battle tactics, unafraid to suggest action before the “Supreme Leader,” and has no problem rallying the troops for their assault. Hux clearly looks down on Kylo Ren for his “irrational” decisions and inefficiency, and points out his flaws to Snoke for correction (“He let the droid escape”). Despite his youth, he has risen quickly to a position of total power within the New Order. Having seen the effects of the previous Death Star in destructive terms, Hux is impatient to recreate the previous success by targeting a new system, in his overall desire to bring the galaxy into submission to the new regime… which is based on an old one! He recalls the past in his motivational speech. He is patient and careful, attentive to details and annoyed when Kylo veers off course or decides “the girl” is more important than BB-8. This awareness of reality ties him to the present. Hux has strong opinions but ultimately accepts the leadership of Snoke in foreseeing events and planning accordingly for them. He quickly realizes Kylo’s decision to kidnap Rey and abandon his search for BB-8 is insensible and impacts their greater cause in negative ways by throwing them off course; he sees how it will delay their progress, because he is more able to keep his attention on “the big picture.” Thus, he berates Kyle indirectly for being “short-sighted.” Still, he has no problem switching tactics when necessary, and rarely either places himself in the line of danger nor engages on a physical level with anyone. His devotion to the cause in his own warped absolutist values means he has little respect for anyone who is inefficient or emotional (Kylo) and no empathy for traitors. He does not bat an eyelash in blowing up planets associating with the Resistance.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Hux has chosen to join the First Order as his security against an uncertain world; he thinks order and domination will bring a sense of collective peace to the galaxy, just beneath the dominion of a ruler to whom he is personally ingratiated. He spends a great deal of his time attempting to please Snoke and being fearful of humiliation in front of his subordinates (once, even trying to make it to his quarters before Snoke uses the force to slam him around the cabin and punish his failures). Despite being rational, he can be 6ishly emotionally reactive — tattling on Kylo Ren in the hope of earning Snoke’s approval and seeing him as a prospective threats. After Snoke’s death, he realizes Kylo Ren intends to take power, and rather than engage in a struggle against him (a battle he would lose, due to not having the Force), he submits to his authority and falls into line. His 5 wing has a certain amount of self-confidence and the ability to make rational decisions that benefit him in the moment, but he does not put himself forward aggressively for leadership, either.