Finn is quick to see possibilities within his immediate environment. He sees the potential in rescuing Poe, in pretending to be with the Resistance, and in helping BB-8 get home, so he can continue on his merry way. He has an optimistic view of everything, a “we’ll figure it out when we get there!” attitude that is somewhat naïve; Han is particularly annoyed when he goes in for a rescue operation / to blow up the new Death Star and Finn admits he has no experience in bringing down the shields and just wanted to rescue Rey. He hoped they could use the Force somehow (Han tells him that isn’t how the Force works!). When Rose catches him trying to sneak off, instead of punching her and running for it (Se), he tries to talk his way out of it! When he wakes up in the Resistance, Finn quickly decides they are doomed and intends to escape and lead Rey away from them, to save both their lives. Mere seconds after seeing am an ransacking his own ship, he correctly deduces it is stolen. His inferior Si can be fatalistic at times, but his Ne-dom desire to help often overrides it (he changes his mind from wanting to escape to risking his life to board the enemy destroyer). His strong sense of personal ethics are what prevents him from being a good Storm Trooper; they just can’t get rid of his pesky moral system. He refuses to fire at the Resistance, even though it could get him in trouble; once he senses the truth about their movement (it’s evil, unethical, and cruel), he refuses to have anything more to do with it. Period. He forms a quick bond with Rey and doesn’t tell her flat out how he feels right off the bat; instead, his actions (wanting to impress her, asking her to come with him) reveal his feelings. He quickly gets himself out of a bad situation that violates his morals. But Finn can also be somewhat selfish. He shows no interest in the resistance until Rey cares about it and almost walks away from them in the heat of conflict (he tries to bargain his way out of this solar system until he sees Kylo Ren kidnap Rey, and suddenly it’s personal for him). Finn’s logic is objective and sometimes stumped by problems (“It’s stuck!”). He prefers a decent plan, but isn’t great at coming up with one, preferring instead to wing it. Finn also tends to state the obvious, since he is so preoccupied with the facts ( “the door came down and…”). He is poor at adapting to his physical environment; he does not naturally take to a light saber and is not good at hand to hand ground combat. His desire to flee the Stormtroopers stems from his own experiences with them and familiarity with how they tend to proceed. His interactions with Rey hint he has a distinct perception of how reality ought to be (men protect women; you help her up, and take her hand, and rescue her if you need to) that is old-fashioned. He finds it hard to adapt to new systems he is unfamiliar with, so he trusts Poe to get them out of a jam and tell him how the weapons system works (inferior Si).

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sp/sx

Finn is a walking contradiction. He’s both careful and not – paranoid and suspicious but feels safer when he’s around other people. He thinks up the worst-case scenarios a lot, but also swings into action / mans up and finds his courage like the best of a counter-phobic self-preservation instinct. He is full of doubt and questioning, using warmth and friendliness to find allies and build support systems. Under stress, he leaps into immediate action to cover up how afraid he is (6 moving to 3 – examples of this include running from the ship, challenging Kylo Ren with a light saber, and defeating his captain); he can also have a strong moralistic bent (7 moving to 1).