Poe embodies the traits of learning through hands-on experience; when Finn asks him if he can fly a specific kind of ship, Poe claims he can fly any ship built — because he has extensive experience in flying various ships. He quickly learns the internal system of the fighter and figures out how to detach it from the chain that holds it to the ship. Poe expects Finn to also learn things quickly, and asks him to take out targets in their escape. When he sees an opportunity to take out a Dreadnought, Poe bucks his orders to return immediately to base and urges his pilots into a desperate mission to target the fuel reserves, even though Leia tells him to pull back. He commits mutiny to stall for time, so Finn and Rose can hack into the enemy’s drives and make it so it cannot track them through hyperspace. He sees Luke’s distraction as an opportunity to escape, and intends to lead them out of the base through the caves. Finn is one of the top pilots in the Resistance, fearless, in tune with his environment, and fast with his reflexes. He can also react before he thinks, failing to see through the higher up’s plans and making a bid to seize control of the Resistance for the people’s greater good. He disobeys Leia’s orders and gets a lot of their pilots killed. He is good at swift adaptation and making corrections to get what he wants, such as when he figures out how to pilot a First Order plane. Poe recognizes Luke would not sacrifice himself, and cause a distraction without a purpose, and concludes Skywalker is doing this so they can survive. What seems logical to him does not always work in the greater context of the situation (his plans are sporadic and reckless; General Leia and the High Command had other, more tactical plans in place). Poe makes rational decisions in the heat of a fight, ensuring everyone under his control or in his copilot cockpit is safe. His reassurances to Finn calm him down, and he warmly greets him when next they meet. He has a good natured demeanor and teases Finn a bit (“Is that my jacket?? … no, keep it! It suits you!”). He becomes emotional when greeting his droid, and presumably goes back to rescue him not merely to complete his mission but ensure BB-8’s safety. His inferior Ni becomes paranoid under pressure and doubts others can command their forces. A more suspicious man might suspect Finn is a First Order spy, or that this escape is a trap intended to lead him to the droid – but Poe intuitively knows Finn is the real deal, and trusts him not only with valuable information but also his life.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Poe is the sort of guy who takes a good beating and asks for more. He insults the bad guys face to face or long distance – it doesn’t matter. Nobody controls him. Nobody extracts information from him. Poe makes light of being captured by Kylo Ren, and tells him off for his weak interrogation methods (the Storm Troopers got nothing out of him by beating it out of him, so Kylo Ren uses the Force to rip it out of his mind). He is earthy and present, self-assured and sometimes foolish. He does not do intense emotions and does not back down from conflict; he bucks authority and takes risks. His 7 wing gives him a sense of humor, wit, and fun, enabling him to charm his superiors even if they don’t like his tactics. He focuses on protecting those weaker than himself, and has a softer side that he uses to charm people with.