Ben is locked into his own narrow perception of things, which is entirely based in his subjective emotional response to his father. He saw Han as a bad father who abandoned him and stubbornly holds to this worldview, even when Rey challenges it. He is driven by his emotions and deeply unstable, lashing out and throwing tantrums when thwarted by circumstances beyond his control (when his plans fail). Ben tries to ‘force’ himself into detachment through murdering his father, but cannot do the same to his mother, even though he knows it’s the rational way to end the Rebellion. He forms a Fi-bond with Rey through their shared loneliness, abandonment by their parents, and inability to fit in. Ben shames her for her emotional decisions (your parents abandoned you, let go of them!) while failing to admit or acknowledge that all his decisions are motivated through his anger and resentment toward Luke, his father ‘abandoning’ him on missions / being absent in his childhood, and his mother sending him away to train under Luke. He projects a lot of his feelings onto Rey and cannot understand how she does not share them. Ben feels “torn apart” between the Light and the Dark, at constant war with his true self (an emotional, sensitive Fi). He half-finishes things, leaping on opportunities with abstract potential. His quest to find the droid becomes an obsession with Rey and a desire to explore why she has such a strong presence of the Force despite being a nobody. He serves Snoke but then sees a chance to kill him, convince Rey to join him, and take power for himself — and does it. Even though she resists him and refuses, he understands that she wanted to take his hand and go with him. He treats his intuitive assumptions about their future together, his desire to understand their Force bond (why can you see my surroundings, but I cannot see yours?), and treats her almost like a project, even though a fierce desire to possess and be with her drives him. Once healed and forgiven by his father, Ben does a complete 180 for good and storms into battle to defeat the Emperor and help Rey. But he also shows an excess of lower Si — he has chosen an image from the past (Vader) upon which he is crafting his identity. Everything about his personal experiences jades him toward Rey’s experiences — he doubts Han will be the father she wants and needs, since he was such a rubbish father to himself. He believes Luke a judgmental old man, because he awoke to find Luke standing over him with a light saber. He harps on about moving on from the past, forgetting it, and cutting off ties with parental authorities — yet hypocritically cannot seem to do that for himself. It’s only when Ben can reconcile the past and the present that he finds his sense of true self and comes into balance, able to forgive the past and move forward. His inferior Te shows in how reactive and impulsive he is under stress – Ben leaps on every chance to prove himself, and achieve short-term success, sometimes at a great cost (he kidnaps Rey for her Force potential, kills his father, targets his mother’s ship, murders Snoke, assumes command, orders Hux’s army to kill everyone on the rebel base, and tries to defeat Luke, but he neglects thinking through the consequences of these decisions, which include loss of life, and the Rebellion leaders escaping through a distraction). He often pushes too hard, or goes too far when it would be advantageous to pull back, withdraw, or continue with his original plan.

Enneagram: 4w3 sx/so

Ben is full of bitterness toward his past and excessively dwelling on it. He has taken his sense of being unwanted, alienated, and persecuted to an unhealthy level — transforming his self-loathing into a desire to become someone else, a poisonous tendency to want to hurt others and/or defeat their idealism right away (he tries to pollute Rey’s ideas about her parents and Han Solo and Luke, all in an attempt to make her miserable just like him, in the belief if he does, she will be with him). Even though he is ‘successful’ in being a villain (spreading genocide wherever he goes), he still focuses on the negativity inside himself — the fact that there is some light he cannot erase, that he is failing his grandfather’s memory, and cannot overcome his own emotions enough to detach completely. His 3 wing has decided to craft a persona and he desperately tries to become that, but his 4 emotionalism always overcomes his 3ish desire for detachment and he explodes. But he 3ishly has chosen who (else) he wants to be and is acting like it, playing the part, to make it come true.